Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Farewell Dear Friend

This Thursday the Salisbury Fire Department will assist in the funeral of one of the finest firefighters ever to walk in the station. Firefighter Douglas L. Brown passed away earlier this week.

Doug was without a doubt one of the best. There was no task asked of him that he would not do. Be it on the fire ground or in quarters, if it needed to be done Doug was there. His courage on the fire scenes was exemplary. His knowledge and operation of equipment utilized was beyond reproach. His love for the fire service and his desire to help others can never be exceeded. His humor and wit maintained his fellow fire fighters through the toughest of times.

Doug also had a great love for the outdoors and nature. Hunting and fishing were among his best fortes. I know of no one that enjoyed it more.

Doug touched so many lives in his career. Both the men and women he worked with and the people he served. Indeed, many people walk this earth today because of Doug’s caring and dedication.

Farewell dear friend----I shall miss you

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