Friday, July 27, 2007

Narrow minded at its best

Here we go again. What’s good for the goose is not good for the gander. Albero’s limited vocabulary and infatuation with courtrooms has led us to another lawsuit saga, this time against “Gunpowder Chronicle”.
I wondered why I awoke to earth tremors this morning. I know now it must been Gunpowder shaking in his boots.

Who is this mystery attorney that has sought out Albero. Frankly I believe that most attorneys have pretty full agenda as it is and really do not find the need to solicit clients in such a manner.

How is any thing Gunpowder stated any different than what Albero himself has said about other people. Name calling—anything from idiot to words I care not to post here.
Accusing the Chief of Police of being a stalker. Taking a half-truth about Chief See Deputy Chief Gordy and accusing them of wrong doing with equipment that is beyond its serviceable life. Indeed that equipment has now gained an additional use and can serve the fire dept for a long time to come.

I am also a tired of Albero demanding things of the city because he pays taxes here. I know a number of folks that pay more taxes to the city than he does. Does one building on the plaza truly make him a major taxpayer? The old synagogue may not be the smallest building down there on the plaza, but it surely isn’t the largest either. The way I see it, the tenants in that building truly pay the taxes with their rent. Albero is just the errand boy to deliver it to the city. If Albero’s panties are in such a twist over taxes, why did he even to bother to purchase the building anyway?

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TomCat said...

GunPowder is a lot more tactful, has better grammer and knows how to spell.