Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Albero's Promotional Mis-Information

In Albero’s post “Terry Cohen Discusses Racial Workforce Diversity”, he continues his rhapsody in the matter of the Salisbury Fire Department promotions. Instead of taking an objective stance on the issue and attempting to get the true and complete story he has chosen the perplexing views of a few and has used their take on the process to take issue with the administration. I am sure if the truth would be told those feeding moldy fodder to Albero are some of the many passed over for these promotions. I am very accurately informed there were 14 candidates for 3 available positions.

A commenter identified as “ratchief” has taken Albero to task on this posting. With his permission ratchief has graciously permitted me to use his real name. He is Assistant Chief Jimmy Gladwell. I have know Chief Gladwell for many years and I can assure you he is a man of truth and integrity. Chief Gladwell sat on the review board of all the candidates that interviewed for these promotions. A short list of criteria considered is education, time in service, annual performance reviews, general observation of the candidate both in an emergency situations and in general duties in and around the stations, and the candidate must attend an oral interview and answer questions presented by the board. The candidates are graded equally and in the end recommendations are presented to Administration for promotion.

Granted the Chief may have the final say and probably has the authority to promote anyone he sees fit. But if that were the case why is there a review board in place with guidelines to follow? To what end would it serve the Chief to dismiss the boards finding and promote at his discretion. THAT would be the “Good Ole Boy” system Albero touts as being the case here. A/C Gladwell has assured me each candidate is very much aware why he or she was passed over for promotion. Should any of the candidates not understand they should seek out A/C Gladwell or other members of the board and ask for clarification

Up until recently Albero has mocked, taunted, made fun of and generally attempted to put Shannie Shields in bad light at any opportunity. Now she apparently can be an ally to Albero. He has claimed to sit down “one on one” with her to discuss the promotional process with in the department. With all due respect to Ms. Shields I doubt she has much more knowledge of the process than Albero. I would imagine however that she would objectively look into the process before making any rash and only slightly accurate statements. Ms. Shields, as I understand it, does not read the BLOGS. Maybe someone should enlighten her about some of the disparaging remarks and uncomplimentary photos Albero has posted about her in the past. If that were to occur I am sure her objectivity in fact finding would intensify.

Albero has been offered an opportunity to meet with A/C Gladwell and in a civil manner to discuss the promotion process. Albero has refused to do so. Instead he has found that by focusing on a single issue the dissention he creates here better serves his vendetta against the city. That issue being a non-exsistant race card.


joealbero said...

I started out with a huge response to this huge lie of a Post but I chose to delete it and simply say the following. The A/C mentioned a meeting, I agreed and said when, he dropped it and simply said in the future we'd meet. End of that story. You completely lied stating I turned him down and or refused. Get it in writing because you're a liar.

As for Shanie Shields, we get along respectfully. Shanie Shields knows Joe Albero's eart and it is NOT up to you to judge my relationship with her. Let her speak for herself.

The Salisbury Fire Department is mainly full of racists and that's all there is to it. If ANY one of YOU want to sue me for saying so, bring it on and I'll bring in witnesses that will eat you SOB's alive and EXPOSE each and every one of you wanna be men.

Now do understand that there are many respectable Fire Fighters who do not fit this category but as I get deeper and deeper into investigating the language you people use, it's disgraceful, period.

joealbero said...

"Shanie Shields knows Joe Albero's eart" That should have said, heart.

Soapbox said...

First of all no one said anything about suing you. I never spoke for Ms. Shields. All I did was post accurate information about your treatment of her in the past. It occurs to me you have done a lot of speaking for Lt. Cropper recently. How about you let him speak for himself?

Soapbox said...

Bring your witnesses. Expose away!
Do it on your BLOG and be done with it.

Empty threats.

Salisbury News & Views said...

It's obvious that Junior does not have the intellectual ability to debate you. your continued calm and reasonable approach to disseminating the truth is going to drive him further down the path of personal attacks and name calling, respectfully!

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Is the glass half empty or half full?

Jihad Joe wrote:
"The Salisbury Fire Department is mainly full of racists and that's all there is to it."

Next paragraph, Jihad Joe wrote:
"Now do understand that there are many respectable Fire Fighters who do not fit this category but as I get deeper and deeper into investigating the language you people use, it's disgraceful, period."

Which is it? Is the department "full", or not?

Jihad Joe, you are the liar. You spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) on EVERY subject you post on, with the exception of your wildlife photos.

YOU are being cuckolded by three separate individuals who have axes to grind against the current department leadership and many of their "brothers".

Also, you will not eat this SOB alive.

And who are you calling a "wanna be" man? Your main activity in life tearing people down. You are a boy-- and a whiny one at that.

Hadley said...

Empty threats from an empty head!

TomCat said...

WOW! Joe and Shanie have a relationship! Excuse me I need to vomit!

Salisbury News & Views said...

Gunpowder, I guess we need to start calling Junior "Run Around Sue" again. SUE-Y SUE-Y.

I wonder if Joseph showed Shanie the pictures and derogatory posts he's plastered all over the internet of her during the past year while he was getting to know her heart.

Historical Wit said...

Short stumpy Brooklynite:
I am sure you started out with a huge response, but your inability to hold onto a coherent thought for more that 20 seconds killed any aspirations of putting it down in print.

Other comments on your post:
Why should Mr. Perdue get it in writing? He has more credibility than you do. He has the actual experience of being a firefighter. What you got is a couple of rats with prejudice. Mr. Perdue has put forth a procedure, a process that happens to promote candidates. What do you have? Again what do you have other than half truths and one sided opinions?

Shanie Shields. When she, and rest assured she will, when she sees what you have done to her on your website, that bridge will burn. What about the racist innuendo you post and the racist comments you let fly on the radio. See you don't have to hate blacks to be racist. People that have studied racism know there is another name for people like you. You are a paternalist,a person who thinks blacks are intellectually inferior and can not think for themselves. Thus they need the "parental" help from great white men such as your self to help them achieve anything. In truth, its that form of racism that you practice that is the worst kind because you will lie to a black person to achieve what ends you think are needed. Your ignorance is truly astounding.
Almost as pathetic as your attempts to act like a man.

So keep calling liar liar and pointing your finger at everyone else. Since you speak of the heart and it means so much to you that we all know you have a heart because you felt the need to correct that misspelled word, lets look at the evidence that you have heart. What is heart? More than a mass of muscle tissue that pumps blood through our body, thats for sure. The notion that humans have heart comes from the fact that we can't live without the heart, of course medical science will prove that we eventually can. But that is another amtter altogether. The heart symbolizes more than anything else, love. Where is the love in you? What small snippets of love you portray, well those are so few and far between that they are forgotten in the storm of hate you live in. For every symbolic act of hate you portray, it erases 10 symbolic acts of love you may have done. n fact your hate filled life is probably running a serious debt to love. One that will be paid in full at the pearly gates when they put you on the big slide to hell. See there is one sin that without a doubt you can't live without. Wrath. You are without a doubt guilty. Probably a slam dunk case of ENVY also. Anyway, have a good day you paternalistic, pathetic excuse of a heartless blogging savant.

RatChief said...


Just as a point of fact, JA and myself have not been able to find times mutual to our likings for the afore mentioned meeting...I did not mean to insinuate in any manner that JA "refused" to meet w/ me, we've just not been able to "make it happen", mainly due to my schedule as his seems apparently open most of the time.
That is the pure truth of the matter and if I've lead you astray in our talks, I apologize to both you and JA. That however will be the last apology he or his type will receieve from me. My word is what makes me "me" and as you do know, I am a man of that word.
The rest of what you print is in fact...FACT. JA knows NOTHING of any process nor would he want to know it as anything that resembles truth in print is of no interest to him.
I, nor anyone in the organization, is a racist. JA wishes to continue his rantings to fulfill some inner need of which I am persoanally unaware. If I werent so angry w/ his twisting of comments I made that were meant to go in a completely different direction w/ regards to the content of them...I'd feel sorry for him as he is simply an angry human being w/ no apparent purpose in life.
I'm sure he'll most certainly attack this comment as well as I'm sure he neither wants nor needs any sympathy from anyone...I know I do not either. However, I am human and am a compassionate person that KNOWS I will be well represented in Hell when my time comes. I've not led the best of lives, however have spent a great deal of my adult life attempting to "DTRT" (FOOLS will know what that means)...and at some point, I'm sure JA and I will be finally able to sit and have that meeting at the Gates of Hell.
And that's ok...I'm a lot of things...and I know that I'm not headed south due to being a racist...
In no way do I wish to demean or disrespect one of my many mentors, JP...just wanted to present the facts as they truly are so that you dont get attacked for that much at least...

Soapbox said...

Thank You Chief. I did not mean to make it appear you had given me bad information.
If I was in error stating Albero refused to meet with you (and that is obviously the case) than I apologize for that statement and that statement alone. The mistake is completely on my part.

I certainly appreciate your co-operation in trying to get the absolute truth out instead of the one-side half-truths Albero insists on printing.

Thanks again.

RatChief said...


YOU owe no one an apology for anything. The "miscommunication" may have been on my behalf, however I simply wished to ensure that the truth was posted and also to ensure that JA had no ammo to shoot at you w/ on your own site. I see his reply to your well written post and, as usual, it's fine for him to bash others, but have some heat placed upon him and...well...you know the rest. I have come to realize that having a battle of wits w/ someone who is unarmed simply isnt fair and isnt good for my own personal health. I extended that "olive branch" and ended up getting beaten w/ it. MY FAULT...no one elses.
As stated...did not wish to have any "misunderstandings" posted on your site. That isnt fair to you or him.
Thanx, as always...

Richard Head said...

Ratchief...kudos to you for standing up for what you believe in and to try and meet with such a person to present your point of view. You are to be commended young man. All I can say is Good Luck with "that".

joealbero said...

ratchief, soapbox owes ME the apology and I accept such. He implied "I" refused to meet with you and then he refused to allow my comment, stating I attacked him or cursed. I defended myself in that situation, right SPOTTED DOG?

Soapbox said...

Don’t accept was hasn’t been offered Albero. I apologized to ratchief—not you. I owe you nothing. I offer you nothing.

As far as my screen name on the watch desk---so what? I have never denied that any more than I have denied whom I am on this BLOG.

You may think you have ratted me out but such is not the case. Most anyone who knows me knows my identities and my identity was well known in 2003 when what you posted was created.

I don’t wish for anything I can’t handle.

I haven’t deleted any comment you made on this post. It was an earlier post when you started name-calling and vulgar implications. I offer to let the post stand if you re-submitted without those infractions. You refused. Your lose.

Enforcer said...

Once again JA is trying to run members of the Salisbury Fire Dept. into the ground. Nice try dude, but nobody cares. For those who know these men know their character. If anybody here is a racists is you JA. Considering you are the one who has taken shots at Shanie, but thats right you forgotten all about those comments. I would love to see you accuse these men of being racists to their face. That will never happen and you know. Right now your mouth is writting checks your ass can't cash.

joealbero said...

Thank You!

That just confirms the Mayor and Paul Wilber botched their investigation into finding out who was whom.

joealbero said...


Of course you'll hide behind a name because you're NOT man enough to make such a statement using your real name.

Let me assure any one of you. IF you use the N word in front of me I can assure you there will be a price to pay. As a matter of fact, I now dare any one of you to do so in front of Lorenzo any more as well!!!!! And of course NONE of you were even MAN enough to do so in front of Rachel & Von years ago, so what makes you think you're men now?

You're all talk and forgive me if Enforcer is a woman because the way she writes I could be all wrong here.

RatChief said...

As stated previously...Soapbox owes NO ONE I know of any apology for anything. I believe it was a simple "misunderstanding" which couldve been my fault, not his. Therefore, if any apology is owed, it was given by me and is done. I assure you, no other will be offered as I have made no other statements the would require anything remotely resembling an apology. In addition, as stated on some other site I once frequented, it's Soapbox's blog...he makes the rules and it's his Constitutional right to speak HIS opinion...
I only brought the issue up as a point of fact so as to ensure that my good friend's site remains as he would only have it...truthful and factual. He would have it no other way and for that, as well as for a thousand other reasons, JP will ALWAYS have what JA will NEVER acquire...RESPECT.
And old TWD posts from years ago show nothing about anyone's character. That particular format of TWD also went out the window a couple of years ago, so yet again, it would seem, that some "mole" is feeding JA trash.
Funny...what suits JA just fine one day now becomes "ammo" the next.
Anyone who reads this is going tohave to make up their own minds as to the disposition of the SFD regarding "racism" or anything else for that matter. But, I'll bet that NO ONE who ever gets to see these fine people in action would ever even SUSPECT such "crap" as that. These men/women are some of the most compassionate people I've ever had the pleasure to be associated with and I lose no sleep over that statement.
Ask the hundreds of children and teacheers who were just affected by the Fire Prevention Week activities how they feel about the SFD...I imagine they have all the answers to any questions regarding the character of SFD personnel any reader may have.

RatChief said...

one last comment...

someone who made a comment on here regarding us being "wanna be men" need not challenge my manhood too often...those who truly do know me know that that is a challenge that I will answer in short order and quick fashion..."That's all I've got to say about that."

RatChief said...

I find the challenge to utilize the "n" word interesting...which "n" word would that be?? If he's referring to the one I think he is, as stated oh so many times, these people have no need to use it so from where does such an ignorant challenge eminate?
How childish and silly can one person become? And, with the friendships that exist between LC and many of us...why in the Hell would any of us WANT to utilize it?? Come on, dude...you're losing it.
AND...exactly what "price" would one pay Mr. JA were one to utilize ANY word that may offend you in front of you??? This should be an intersting reprisal as I for one would find the answer to that question very fasinating...be very careful w/ idle threats...someone may just make that alligator mouth cash the check that himming bird butt just wrote...I dont deal in threats. I dont make them and I dont like them. However, I do answer them...I'm generally up to those types of challenges personally.

RatChief said...

On a much more upbeat and professional note: Those recently promoted will be attending a promotional ceremony and badge pinning on Monday. For some, this will be the culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication to both the department and their own personal being. I am truly sorry that some hard workers did not make it this round. I hope that they will take this and use it as a stepping stone to strive to try even harder when the next round comes about. Ive walked where they are now walking and it is not an easy pill to swallow. However, one can roll over and give up or one can dig deep and find a way to claw their way out of what theyre feeling now and set "goals" for the next process. I hope they choose the latter.
For the Department, this will be a good day and the men being "pinned" that day have much to be proud of and nothing to lower their heads about.
Congrats to all.
Soapy...if you can...I'd like you to be there...