Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pocomoke Firemans Muster

After a leisurely breakfast at Peaky’s in Princess Anne this morning, we headed for Pocomoke City for the second annual Fireman’s muster there today. We didn’t get far. Just south of ECI when the English’s restaurant used to be there was apparently a pretty bad auto accident. We weren’t close enough to see much except the helicopter landing. After a little jockeying we got turned around and took the long route cross-country to Pocomoke. We made it just in time to watch the last event of the day.
The crowd was small but very enthusiastic. We didn’t stay for the award ceremony but if Ladies team from Pocomoke faired as well earlier in the day as they did for the final event they took top honors. Bet the guys are gonna hang their heads for long time over that one. The ladies came to play hard, and play hard they did.

Congrats Ladies


Gunpowder Chronicler said...

If women actually won the muster, isn't it sexist to call it a "Firemen's Muster"?

Quick... someone get Jihad Joe on this! The city council of Pocomoke must be held account! Call Gloria Allred! Call Anita Hill! General Quarters! General Quarters!

Soapbox said...

I learned today the women took top honors in two of the three events.
They competed head to head with the guys.

Good Job Ladies! See ya next year!

Chuck Norris said...

gunpowder, if the firemans muster was still in Salisbury he'd be all over it, but he doesn't care about any other city but Salisbury.