Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fire Department Bashing by Albero

I have read with great interest the comments and post Albero has made in the last couple days concerning the Chief of the Hebron Fire Department and the promotions with in the Salisbury Fire Department. Unlike Albero having thousands of e-mails, (snicker) and no spam or junk mail (snicker, snicker), I have received six e-mails and have been approached a number of times either in person or by phone asking why I have not responded to either issue. The truth is—Why should I?

Anyone with any degree of intelligence can easily see that Albero’s information is coming from another site that has a questionable credibility at best and from his moles with-in the department(s) in question.
One needs only to stop---let the emotions ebb and allow the righteous acuity afforded to most prevail. With that simple action alone, much of Albero’s information and self-proclamation of truth is easily dismissed as hearsay and speculation.
In an earlier post Albero has freely admitted not to be a member of any fire department and has no desire to become one. This said, after several invitations by another BLOGGER for him to do so. That being said, Albero by his own words has not walked the walk he has so often accused others of not doing.

I was not present, nor was I listening to the alarm in which the Chief of Hebron Fire Department was been accused of wrong doing.
IF, that issue is as it has been presented, than it is a serious infraction and it is up to that department to make the necessary amends. Under the current system in place no one else in the county has any authority to address the issue. That of course providing an incident does not occur that requires by law another agency to intervene.
IF, that should happen than I will freely admit the problem will have probably exceeded any reformation on a local level.
What I feel is important now is that it is not up to Albero or anyone else to air out that alleged infraction on this or any other site.
IF, it is of such a concern to Albero than I suggest he seek proper indemnification through a venue that can provide a determinative solution. Assuredly that will not be done on this or any other BLOG.

I know most the men that were promoted in the Salisbury Fire Dept recently. Each of them are fine men with experience and education. I am not privy to their personnel files and neither is Albero. Albero has not worked with any of these men, at least not within the fire department and I doubt he has any knowledge of their habits, work ethics or actual abilities with-in the department except by the drivel fed to him by his bereaved informants who have little credibility of their own. This I do know. There were only a certain amount of promotions available, and more than enough qualified applicants to fill the positions. Somebody had to sit out. Such is the nature of the beast. You cannot invent positions to create rank. The system will not allow it. If Albero is such the successful businessman he claims to be than he should know this. Even the production of light bulbs will only allow so many supervisors. Longevity and education are not the only criteria to consider.

There is in place a grievance process, which can be pursued, by any of the candidates for the positions available. If that process is not satisfactory the individual(s) can and should petition Local 4246 for advice. If the candidate is not a member of the Local than he/she can seek outside legal assistance. Options are there. Fortitude to pursue them is another issue.

Such are my comments on the recent Fire Department issues. Basically, I have no comment. Moreover, neither does Albero.

However, that certainly doesn’t stop him now does it?

As an afterthought I wish to add one more thing. Albero, after making a great to do about allowing anonymous comments on his BLOG, continues to berate those that choose to post as such. This is such a hoot because anyone can invent a screen name and post just as anonymously. I have never reveled my real name, not have I ever denied it when asked. So allow me to make it public now.

My name is Joe Perdue. I am retired from the Salisbury Fire Department with 28 years service. I retired as a Captain. I was an instructor for the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute, University of Maryland for 15 years. I have volunteered in two other departments in Wicomico County and I am on the Honorary Roles of fire departments in Wicomico & Somerset County.

Although I still have a great interest in the fire dept I devote much of my time to my wife and our home. We constantly explore new interests. We share as much as our lives together as we can. Family & friends, shotgun sports, history, and charity events top the list. In particular we contribute to many Cancer charity events, as I am a two time survivor of this dreaded disease.
I make allowances for her career and she makes allowances for my leisure. It’s a good balance. (LOL)

Want to know more? Feel free to e-mail. This is the e-mail I use for this BLOG. My primary e-mail, which many of you may already have, is for business and personal use only. Any mail received at that address concerning this BLOG will be ignored.


just hav'n a look said...

Yet, if we were in the old system. Dodd, and Cropper wouldn't even have the promotions they currently have. At least they have an op. for advancment. Not like the days of Salisbury EMS

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you.
Thank you for defending our fire fighters and your educational comments.

Historical Wit said...

You rock.