Friday, October 12, 2007

Things that Make You go Hmmmm

I certainly hope that the public at large is able to see what Albero is trying to do here. His factless insinuations about the Salisbury Fire Department in the past has failed so miserably he has now employed the race card in an effort to stir the emotions of all who read these BLOGS. Let us look carefully at what has happened.

1) The Chief has made promotions.
2) There are more candidates than positions.
3) Not everyone is satisfied, (surprise, surprise)
4) Albero takes the word of his moles to disseminate semi-factual information.
5) A posting of photos of a fire department vehicle at the City Solicitors office and a proclamation of “damage control” concerning the promotions. As if this is the only issue currently before the city attorney concerning the fire department.
6) Albero allows anonymous comments on his BLOG. A practice he has abhorred in the past but now uses to his advantage.
7) A collage of comments clearly orchestrated and co-coordinated by an apocryphal group of posters using the same tone and vernacular of the one and only Albero.
8) Finally---Un-solicited denial by Albero of his involvement in the posting of anonymous comments.

I will not defend nor denounce any of the promotions. Although I still am interested in the Salisbury Fire Department, I have not been privy to any information concerning personnel in many years, and I do not wish to be. If Albero has that privileged information than it has been given to him illegally and the consequences of that remain to be seen.

Consider the following of Albero's past fulminations.

Albero hates the Mayor.
Albero hates the Police Chief.
Albero hates John Jacobs because he was Jim Rapps boss.
Albero hates Jim Rapp.
Albero hates John Pick.
Albero hates Paul Wilber.
Albero hates Shannie Shields, unless it’s to his advantage otherwise.
Albero hates Louise Smith.
Albero hates the Fire Chief.
Albero hates the Deputy Fire Chief.
Albero seems to hate anyone of authority in the City of Salisbury. I think Freud had a name for that but it currently escapes me.

I leave it to you the citizens with common sense to analyze and compare the rhetoric of Albero and the simple common sense concepts I have provided here. I will further provide you with three words:

For Albero---Self Sensationalism.

For Albero and his egotistical posters--- Envy


Gunpowder Chronicler said...

I want to offer some thoughts:

1. If this really was a racial problem, Mary Ashanti would be all over this. Not because she is irresponsible in her reaction, but because she is incredibly responsible and does her job well. Moreover, the NAACP nationally -- no matter what you think about Julian bond -- is incredibly thorough and forceful in addressing racial hiring issues in city fire departments. Don't believe me, come up to Baltimore and ask anyone in the BFD. The lack of noise from Mary Ashanti tells me that Jihad Joe is, to paraphrase Air Supply, "Making Hate Out of Nothing At All".

2. Jihad Joe has 3 moles in the SFD, all of whom have an axe to grind and a definitive agenda, and who know what they are doing when they feed him this stuff. That Jihad Joe doesn't realize that he is being used like a $5 whore outside the Gayety tells you a lot. (Oh, and Jihad Joe: everyone in the department knows who your moles are, because they are using YOU, not the other way around.)

joealbero said...

You're wasting your time, no one comes here anyway. I know, it makes you feel better though. 3 comments on the last post about me. Are you getting a clue now?

Salisbury News & Views said...

Very well said.

Caughtit said...

OMG too both have surely pissed him off...yet again! BRAVO!!

Historical Wit said...

You wish JJ, a lot of people come here, just to read. See people like that are called lurkers. We read and dont want to comment. Like those millions of hits on your blog, but only a scant few comments. Not everyone wants to join the conversation with you. YOU ARE A REPUGNANT _____________. Heck I feel dirty just knowing you will read this. How violated my fingertips are, how violated my thoughts will be knowing you thought about this nameless entity that floats about the blogosphere. I got to go take a bath...

Salisbury News & Views said...

I meant my comment for the post and not the blow hard.
Visiting a site and posting comments on a site are 2 very different things.
Joe if you are more popular than the "Price is Right" why don't you prove it.

joealbero said...

ROTFLMAO! First of all, look at the same names all the time commenting.

Secondly Gunblowhard,

Your own bigotry clearly shines through when you fail to recognize this is the year 2007, almost 2008 and there is ONE professional Fire Fighter in the entire Salisbury Fire Department.

Thirdly, Ashanti is well known to be a FOB. Then again, you'd have to be from the Eastern Shore to know that.

Salisbury News & Views said...

Same names,
Just like your site.
Anon, Joe, Anon, Joe, Anon, Joe, Anon.
Hmmmm I see a pattern developing.
Did you lose your meds while in florida?

Salisbury News & Views said...

Let's do this,
Exactly how many people that are of a "Minority" status, that are qualified, have applied for and been turned down for positions in the Fire Department.

for that matter and since Joeboy also says the Mayor could care less:
Exactly how many people that are of a "Minority" status, that are qualified, have applied for and been turned down for positions with the city of Salisbury Police Department or any other positions within the city government.

If it's true what Junior is saying there must to be a paper trail that can convict our racist city managers and remove the scum from the face of the earth! After all we know that JJ would never make any libelous statements! Just the facts.

Chuck Norris said...

So everyone that is on the other side of an issue than Joseph is a FOB? Sure, I'll believe that.

This whole one black fire fighter is old news. Joseph tried to rant a while ago on the issue and failed.

If my memory serves me right, the SFD had TV commercials and radio advertisements aimed a minorities trying to get more members.

There were also news articles about the advertisements with interviews and the such.

You can't make people apply for the jobs. To get the fire experience and training necessary to work for the Salisbury Fire Department you must volunteer somewhere first, from what I understand.

joealbero said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Soapbox said...

Albero's comment was deleted due to name calling again.

Leave that part off Albero and I will let it stand.

joealbero said...

Can't handle the facts or truth, can you?

Soapbox said...

I can handle the truths and facts just fine. I can also handle your convoluted opinions.

I have said from the begining I will not tolerate foul lanquage and name calling. Re-submitt your comment minus that and I will let it stand.


Inside Looking Out said...

Mr. Albero's rantings reminds me of this cute story i heard once. There were 2 monks walking down a road, they noticed a woman attempting to cross a stream. The first monk went down, picked up the woman, carried her across the stream and placed her down. After the 2 monks continued down the road for about 4 miles, the second monk, quite irate with the first monk stopped and told the first monk, "you realize that you broke the rules of our group by picking the woman up and carrying her across that stream"....the first monk looked at the second monk and simply stated "i only carried her across the've been carrying her ever since"!!! Seems Mr. Albero is carrying that woman forever. There's so many things going on in this whole world that he could be shedding light on but he keeps chugging along, carrying that same woman (city of salisbury) on his back. Children shooting and killing people in our schools, the blight of homeless increasing everyday, urban sprawl swallowing up our every acre of beautiful open land and yet he seems to always want to cause an explosion of unsubstantiated rumors and stories regarding the City. Let the woman go..PLEASE!!!

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Facts and truth?

Jihad Joe is a stranger to both, and a friend to neither.

He is Delmarva's personification of Lanny Davis' style of the Politics of Personal Destruction.

JJ can't have simple differences of opinion- he has to after people personally and viciously.

joealbero said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Soapbox said...

Deleted again Albero.
Common words or terms that have vulgar connotations also count as profanity. Eliminate that and I will allow your comments to remain.

You say you want your comments posted as original or nothing?
So be it---nothing it is!


Soapbox said...

One more thing Albero. Get someone to read my comment to you. I didn't say your comment had foul language--I said it contained name calling.
Your latest deleted comment had vulgur insinuations.

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Was i insulted by JJ and didn't even know it?


Soapbox said...

The first comment refered to all who have oppoesed his point of view, and the second was directed at me.

Soapbox said...

Have you figured out Love-45 yet?

o w grant said...

Game, Set, Match.

Winner: Soapbox