Sunday, October 28, 2007

New to the Shooting World.

Today at the Sinepuxent Rod & Gun Club there was a memebers only 5 Stand competition cosisting of 50 targets. Since we are a little outclassed by most of those shooting, we elected to pay the entry fee, get a meal ticket and conserve our ammuntion. Basicly we donated to the prize pool. Yes, that made the sanwiches a bit on the pricy side, but we also supported the club and our friends.

I tried to take some pictures of the shoot but the participants seemed to frown on having a casual spectator down range with a camera while the targets were flying. Standing behind the firing line proved to be futile as well due to the large crowd watching and I didn't have enough lens to reach out and grab the action where the targets were breaking.

So we socialized for a while, cheered on our favorite shooters and when the oyster sandwiches were ready we indulged.

The best photo I got today was of the young fellow pictured above. His owner brought him to the club today in order to get him used to gunfire. He seemed to coping very well with the noise because we had to wake him in order to get this picture. He is a real cutie and hopefully we will see him more often as he develops.
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