Saturday, October 13, 2007

Salisbury's Most Wanted

Albero has posted a link to the list of wanted subjects in the Salisbury area. I cannot help but notice all of the individuals listed are African American. Is this racist? Were they denied a promotion in SFD? Has Albero made ammends with Chief Webster and is now the exclusive poster of Salisbury's Most Wanted?

I can hardley contain myself awaiting answers.


joealbero said...

I'm glad to see the Salisbury Fire Department rid of you. You need to grow up and start acting like a man.

Soapbox said...

I was gone from SFD before you even knew it existed.

Catch and release "Albero" is so much fun.

It should reqire a license.

Richard Head said...

Soapy...tis better to stay on the good side of the law versus the other segment of public safety that shall remain nameless. The chances of the great Jihaded One needing the former rather than the latter at some point in his life are much greater!

Caughtit said...

wow Joe....isn't that a little harsh? The man dedicated his life to helping people in need and aiding the community in putting out fire.

Salisbury News & Views said...

"Catch and Release Albero".
Is there a daily bag limit?

sneaking around alleys taking pictures of dumpsters isacting like a man.

Stalking and harassing the police chief and Mayor is acting like a man.

Posting inuendo and half truths on a blog site is acting like a man.

Posting doctored pictures of people you don't like on your "News" site is acting like a man.

Bragging constantly about yourself is acting like a man.

and the list goes on.
I'm so glad the "Man" has used his higher education to lead us down the path of enlightenment. We must follow this great Teacher, this man for all ages. Yes we must strive throughout out trivial useless lives to become more like "The Joe".


o w grant said...

If Joe is such an outstanding guy, how come I don't hear about it from any other source but him??

I mean, a talented business man, and swell humanitarian like himself, would be noticed by his peers as well as by a grateful public, don't you think?

Silence.......and crickets.....are the only reply I get to this question.

joealbero said...

How's Rayanne?

TomCat said...

Yes, I did notice that they were all black, and wondered what the point was. With Halloween coming so soon why didn't he post something more useful like pictues of all the registered sex offenders?

Joe is trashing the SFD again. Does Joe have a college education? Real practical experience trumps book knowledge when a job needs to be done, especially in a life or death situation.

Joe really worries himself when he doesn't an identity. Why does he constantly bring up Rayanne? What is his beef with her? She has never posted on a blog, so she must have hurt him in a personal way.

o w grant said...

Doesn't Rayanne have something to do with Hadley? I guess Joe thinks one of us is him.

He's fishing for identities again.
It kills him that he can't figure out who anybody is. LOL

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Amazing to think that all of this -- the entire Jihad Joe drama -- started because his wife was jealous of Carrie Samis.