Sunday, October 7, 2007

Albero has returned!

After spending a week or so making a 6-year olds dream come true, (which is quite commendable) Albero has returned. Working on merely 4 hours sleep and sifting through thousands of E-mails (How many zeros is that Albero) he has successful drawn on all his inerudite principles of decency to attack me again. In another supreme effort to discredit the facts I have brought forth he has resorted to name calling and jejune exclamations of effrontery.


Possibly excessive time spent recently with a six year old created a regression of his cerebral Neurotransmitters. However it is difficult to continue going backwards when you’re already against the wall.

My post on Station 16 merely pointed out a few of the flaws in the building in an effort to explain that renovation would not be as easy or as affordable as Albero believes. He has easily missed the point on many of the issues I have posted. In fact Albero has selectively refused to address many of the issues stated. He has informed me to leave renovation to those that know the business. His expertise in renovation is blatantly evident in the building in Powellville that is now falling into disrepair and has all but become an eyesore to the community. Boast on Albero, that monument to your savvy business sense boldly stands.

I will leave your recent comments stand even with the name-calling I usually delete. I do so merely to let you continue to prove to the BLOGOSPHERE how juvenile you are when you are unable to repudiate what it laid squarely in your lap.


Technetium said...
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o w grant said...

So, Albero knows all there is to know about construction - on top of being the caped crusader of Salisbury, ace reporter, brain surgeon, and fry cook. He's a real Renaissance man!

And all this after spending a week among his peers. Looks like that sixth grade education really paid off.

I guess he's earned a dip in the cement pond, followed by a round of billy yards with Unka Jed.

o w grant said...

I forgot one more thing.


Historical Wit said...
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TomCat said...

Ok, what good stuff are you deleting?

Soapbox said...

What I deleted was done by request of the author. I suppose he/she could have done it themself, but they asked me to do it and I did.

Anonymous said...

Another camera shy individual Tom.