Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Albero Gloats Over Nothing

Albero apparently feels he has accomplished a magnificent feat by identifying my screen name over on “The Watchdesk”. I subscribed to that BLOG in November of 2003 with the screen name “spoteddog”. My love for Dalmatians is well known. When the “Great Salisbury Fireman’s Muster” was up and running I organized and ran the Dalmatian show for that event for several years. My friends and acquaintances know I currently own two Dalmatians. It makes it easy to figure out who I am and I have never denied my identity on that BLOG. However Albero seems to be gloating in the fact that through his spineless informants he has “investigated” and discovered something that has been known for 3 years ands 11 months. Sherlock Holmes must be turning over in his grave.

Albero is so short sighted he apparently doesn’t realize that his moles are using him as a pawn to further their agenda against the SFD administration. Albero claims to have an emphatic abhorrence for anonymous posting on his BLOG, but in reality by relying on information from these vacillating vermin he has provided the best alibi possible for them to avoid the consequences of their lies and misinformation with him being the pseudo anonymous poster. Albero has nothing to fear for posting such balderdash. In truth he has nothing to gain except some self-satisfaction for creating dissention in a municipality where he has no voice except on his BLOG. That and stirring the emotions of a few insignificant disciples within the city limits that so far have caused much less irritation than a fleabite on an elephant.

Boasting and gloating about common knowledge of identities seems to be the current root of Albero’s self-satisfaction.

I guess it’s better than going blind or growing hair on his palms.


Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Jihad Joe didn't "investigate" anything.

His sources passed him the info in order to "out" you.

Ooooh. Boy they got you, didn't they?

The Watchdesk is pure entertainment. Nothing more.

joealbero said...

Funny part is, you challenged me to get names and I did exactly that. Now that I did and started off with your alone, you're ticked off because I was successful. Before you continue to boast about your spotteddog name, perhaps you should read some of the remarks you said back when about Rachel Polk? They're clearly posted on my Blog.

Soapbox said...

Ticked off? Not a bit.

Greatly amused though. You exposed something that has been common knowledge for a long time. As well as the other person you "outed"

Go get some more. I doubt any of them will mind either.

Richard Head said...

And all of this serves to prove?

NOTHING...just some fodder for the little man to beat on his chest. What really cracks me up the most are all of the shameless, demeaning posts he put up about Shanie Shields now he's crawled so far inside here backside you firefighters would need the jaws of life to get his head out. He's an attention whoremonger, nothing more.

TomCat said...

Well said Richard. LOL!

Soapbox said...

It is interesting indeed that the un-complimentary photos, and rude remarks about Ms Shields have very conveniently been lost in the manufactured “hacking” of his site and the changing of servers a couple of times.

I also remember the photo of an African-American apparently passed out on the sidewalk surrounded by watermelon and KFC buckets.

Wait----that’s humor, not racism.

joealbero said...

Funny, I didn't see any of YOU on the Church Street Clean Up a few weeks ago? You guys crack me up.

Caughtit said...

what about the black guy that was pictured being arrested on JJ's blog. He didn't even blur the guy's face.

Historical Wit said...

Short sloppy racist brooklynite. Karma will kick him in the jibblets one day.

Inside Looking Out said...

Playing the devils advocate on this, i found this interesting to read and felt compelled to comment. I went to the sby news, read the original articles, even zoomed to read the actual comments that were on that watchdesk in 2003. I then went to the watchdesk, looked onto the members lists, looked under profiles of the 2 peoples names mentioned. What i found interesting is that the one person Mr. Albero did mention, registered as a member in November of 2003, the comments made were made on 4-1-2003. I can certainly understand the confusion because the names are very similiar and i will add to this that Mr. Albero has in fact stepped up and apologized for the mistake. I did go onto other listings of the members names on the watchdesk, MY GOD, so many names that are in fact VERY similiar in context. There's like 12 or so of varying degrees of the title capt. such & such...then it goes to captain so & so. It was probably a very honest mistake on the one and from what i did read, i really saw no actual "racist" remark made by the one called spoteddog. I will say this, i found one person very observant in that he asked another commentor, and i quote..."how do you know the people posting are "paid" firefighters? Is it hearsay? Or are you assuming?" Food for thought!!! Again i'm simply playing the devils advocate on this issue. I do remember the conflict back then and there were a number of accusations made that to my knowledge still are up in the air. As for Mr. Albero's apology, i'm hoping the person does accept it in the way that it was offered. We need some resolution to alot of things said!!

John R said...

Good point inside looking out,
but- If the shoe were on the other foot.. Joe would be blogging the guy, calling him a liar, stalking him and posting personal stuff about him on all the blogs
Thats the problem when dealing with what i think is a biploar paranoid person like Joe. He can be super nice and turn venemous the next minute.
If were lucky he will get run over by a fire truck driven by barry tilhman, during the jaycee christmas parade, while trying to take pictures of chief webster stalking him! Then JOE would actually be NEWS worthy.

And if you outsed anyone including JOE he would call you the scum of the earth and a NARC and some other bad names. He is Delmars BEVERLY HILL BILLY!

Chuck Norris said...

Joseph has now deleted his apology post.

Richard Head said...

Albero sez...
"Funny, I didn't see any of YOU on the Church Street Clean Up a few weeks ago? You guys crack me up."

Don't be so sure about that one Joeeph. Didn't mommy tell you to keep you friends close and your enemies closer? I would think a street tough like yourself would know better.

Soapbox said...

What does the Church St. clean-up have to do with this issue? Other than a diversion to toot your own horn over nothing!

joealbero said...


You use that stalking word one more time and I swear to God I will sue you faster than you've ever received legal documents before.

It is illegal to charge someone with stalking and as I have warned you numerous times before, perhaps I'll just move forward with it anyway and teach you a lesson. I have never in my life stalked anyone and perhaps you'll just need to face a Judge and explain your made up stories and pay out a few bucks in penalties.

Take it back or you'll meet my attorneys, Mr. I never visit the Blogs unless I'm at my Condo in Ocean City.

Soapbox said...

This is too funny.
Take this up with J.R. on your own BLOG Albero. Leave it off mine.

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Jihd Joe,

If it's "illegal", then you can't sue, you have to file a criminal complaint.

And, your big problem there Jihad, is that it's not illegal to express an OPINION that what you do is stalking.

Even if you want to claim some sort of defamation, that would still only be a civil complaint.

John R,
My God, man, when will you ever learn to just walk away? What do you hope to gain? You are involved in a pissing match with a giant walking urethra. YOU CAN'T WIN.

Richard Head said...

But yet it's OK for Little Joeseph to accuse Alan Webster of stalking him on the plaza, while on duty, patrolling no less. Seriously folks, this guy is crying out for help. Where in the world are the guys in white suits with butterfly nets at?

3digitIQ said...

Joe Albero said...

(from the comments on his post to turn off anonymous posting)

"I got all I wanted on the Fire Fighter Posts. Hook, Line & Sinker!!! ROTFLMAO!"

Is it me or did Joe just let us all in on his scheme and his technique?


Chuck Norris said...

3digitIQ, He had to turn back on anonymous comments too, since he wasn't getting any comments.

joealbero said...


Might I suggest YOU look at the law a little longer. You are wrong, period.

joealbero said...

I'll sue you too 3digit q

Run Around Sue You said...

I'm going to sue you all!

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Jihad Joe,

Given your stellar lack of success in the courts recently, perhaps it is you that should step up and review the law a little more.

You throw around threats of suing people like fat guys fart.

Your threats are empty, hollow, and stupid. Much like the space between your ears.

Soapbox said...

I must agree with you completely (almost).

You see---I am a little obese myself, and athough I do fart occasionaly I do not do so any where near as much as Albero threatens to sue.

Besides---farting is really a healthy bodily function, much unlike Alberos threats.

Apologize or I will sue you!

Salisbury News & Views said...

Joe's like the 5 year old child at the family reunion picnic. If no one pays attention to him he runs around yelling, breaking things, picks fights with his brothers and then when all else fails throws a temper tantrum right in the middle of the living room.
WHY? Just to get attention, it's all about ME ME ME.
The problem is when you grow up and act like a 5 year old! It's a good sign you need more help than a good old fashion spanking from your dad can give you. Get help Joe, get help before it's too late.
Run Run Run around, Run around Sue.....Da deee da da da.

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Actually Soapbox, as a rotund individual myself (or is it girth-enhanced? hard to keep up with the pc terms these days), I was only speaking from personal experience.

However, to you, I will apologize.

Soapbox said...

LOL All in good fun my friend. All in good fun.