Saturday, October 13, 2007

Antique Truck Show--Pocomoke Fireman's Muster

The antique truck show held today at the Redmen’s Lodge in Fruitland was certainly a sight to see. At 12:00 there were nearly a hundred vehicles on the grounds. To see the magnificent restoration done on some of these trucks is almost beyond belief. It is truly a labor of love to these owners.

The Redmen were serving oyster sandwiches, hot dogs and burgers. The oysters were quite tasty. It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon meeting and talking to old friends and making new ones.

Same time next year if you missed it today.

Tomorrow in Pocomoke City, The Pocomoke Fireman’s Muster Association will host its second annual Fireman’s Muster and Olympics. This is a spin off from the Great Salisbury Fireman’s Muster that closed down a couple of years ago. I missed last year’s event in Pocomoke but I was told all had fun. Plenty of food vendors and activities for the kids are also on the agenda. Hope to see you there.


Gunpowder Chronicler said...


Aren't you worried you will get labeled a racist by JJ?

Soapbox said...

LOL! That's probably next! I suppose the Nanticokes or Algonquins will having a pow-wow on my front yard. If they do I shall welcome them. I adore Native American culture.

Redmen is one of the oldest "home grown" Fraternal Organizations in this country. Tribe 149 has over 600 members and freely contibutes big bucks back to the community each year. One of several such organizations I belong to.

Gunpowder Chronicler said...


I think that Nanticokes or Algonquins (or Delaware, or Susquehannock et al) on your front yard would be an improvement over, say, a certain Delmar blogger.