Tuesday, January 8, 2008

SFD Recruit Class of '08 & Beyond

Meet Santana Torres, 2 years old. Santana recently met with Deputy Chief Rick Hoppes and expressed his desire to be a firefighter. D/C Hoppes seized the opportunity to sign him up and quickly issued Santana a helmet and bestowed upon him the rank of Pre-Probie FF.

Santana gleefully accepted his commission and promised to return for probie classes as soon as he gets the reading and writing thing perfected in a few years.

Santana should have plenty of help reaching his goal. Pictured below is his Mom, Ti'esha Parsons. Ti'esha is from Salisbury and is a member of the Salisbury Fire Department Station 2. Ti'esha is currently enrolled in the current recruit class being held at the SFD. , and is also currently attending the Paramedic Program at Wor-Wic Tech. She would like to become a career firefighter paramedic with SFD in the future.
Asked why she wanted to be a firefighter Ti'esha expressed her desire to
help the community and citizens. One of her inspirations for persuing this venue also came from her cousin, SFD Lt. Lorenzo Cropper.

We wish Ti'esha the very best in her pursuit of this career and hopefully she can stay just a step or two ahead of Santana.
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gull92 said...

Great post, Soapbox! Thanks again for all that you do to bring "balance" to the blogs concerning the SFD!

straight shooter said...

Good job Soap. I wish Ms. Parsons (and Santana) the best of luck!

Inside Looking Out said...

Great Job Soapy....again you've posted the positives of blogs.

Honest Opinion said...

good job soapbox very nice post

FIRECHIC1 said...

Great Post Soapbox and Great Role Model Mom! It's nice to see that women are able to persued little boys to follow after their footsteps! Keep up the good work I wish Ti'esha and Santana the best in their careers as Fire Fighters.

Richard Head said...

Good Luck to you Ti'esha! Wishing you nothing but success with the Salisbury Fire Department!