Friday, January 25, 2008

Meet Sophie

This is Sophie! Sophie is an English Mastiff and is owned by my younger sister and her husband. Sophia was found abandoned and abused in Kansas City. It took quite a while to catch her as she was very frightened of people. When she was capured she was turned over to a rescue organization called "Mastiff Hope". Several attempts were made to place Sophie in good homes, but for various reasons things didn't work out.

My sister made contact with Mastiff Hope and it was agreed she would take Sophie. In May of 2007 my sister and brother-in-law left Millsboro Delaware and headd for Indianapolis to meet Becky Barnhardt of Mastiff Hope and to meet Sophie. It was love at first sight. Two days later Sophie was home in Millsboro.

Sophie has adapted very well. She gets along quite well with my sisters other dog and cat. Sophie weighs in at about 140 pounds and she insisits on being a lap dog and a couch potato. She is still a little skittish of strangers but with a little patience she will make friends with anyone. She is quite playfull and a joy to watch when she romps in the yard.

Are you interested in a pet? There is a lot of rescue organizations out there trying to place all kinds dogs and cats. Please take the time to look into a rescue animal either at the local pound or rescue service. Rescue services can be researched on the internet or check with the local kennel club. There are some really good pets to be had this way.

I tell folks that Sophie was real lucky my sister found her.
My sister says she was the lucky one one to find Sophie.
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Bunker Britches said...

What a sad face!!! You had best have a large lap if 140 lbs. Sophie is a lap dog!! I think I would be a bit skittish to have her run to greet me at the door especially were she to jump up on me, it would probably knock down even a good sized man especially if caught unaware.

Hadley said...

Well having a big dog like that is better than having to hide in the bathroom


It looks like Sophie needs a bigger sofa!!

Tell you sister to give Sophie a pat on the head (and a dog treat) from HADLEY!!

Caughtit said...

that's not a dog! that's a person in a dog suit!!! LOL