Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Firefighter(?) Comments

Straight shooter has a post up titled “Open Discussion #10” In it he reiterates an offer for firefighters to comment on his site concerning the drivel and lies Albero continues to spew forth. He also notes that I have offered my site for the same purpose provided the language is clean and the content is sincere and truthful. As of yet I have not received any input from firefighters. Apparently neither has the shooter.

So what does this tell me? Albero claims that the negative and threatening comments on his site are from firefighters. Knowing that there is a good chance their comments won’t make to public forum why don’t they comment with the shooter or myself? It’s simple. The negative commenters are not firefighters. It’s either Albero, or his confederates under his direction, making the comments knowing they will be published and embellished for the purpose of casting the SFD and it’s members in bad light. If the members of SFD were commenting at all it would be with the shooter or myself, and the dispute would be of an intelligent nature. Albero continues to cast the SFD and it’s members as uneducated rednecks with the exception of course of his ignominious informant(s).
I assure you such is not the case as the occasional comment by Assistant Chief Bryan Records has proven the quality of deliberation afforded by the staff of SFD and those comments have been impeccable.

I will agree with the shooter on this point. IF, and it’s a big IF, SFD firefighters are commenting on Albero’s site I urge you cease immediately. Send your comments to the “shooter” or bring them to the “soapbox”. No threats,--- no vulgarity,--- just facts and truth. With that Albero’s poppycock will continue to be exposed and his grandiosity will fade to obscurity.


straight shooter said...

Yeah! Let's start the New Year off right guys and girls!

TomCat said...

Joe has so many false names it's hard to tell who is who? I'm about to boycott his site.