Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm "Spreading the Love"

Albero has once gain proved himself to be a horrendous liar. How many times has he sworn to not visit anti-Albero sites and yet he is full aware of the links I have listed on this BLOG. Albero claims I am promoting the FUJA website. I am not sure a link to the site qualifies as a promotion, but if he sees that way it’s O.K. by me. I provided a link to the site just as I have provided links to many others at the request of the site owner. Other than providing a link I have said nothing on my BLOG about it. I do not display any of the products pictured on my vehicles or my person, nor do I intend to.

Obviously Albero’s hits are down and he has few comments of late and in as much he is in desperate need of an ego boost. He seems to have accomplished that by singling me out. I am happy for him.

I must point out however that Albero continues to allow anonymous posters on his site. This is a practice he abhors when the comments are not in his favor or if he construes the content of such post to try and prove his tilt of the truth.

Let me briefly respond to those who have commented.

Anonymous 9:27
I certainly hope you can prove more than you are saying about little boys and me. If I was caught please be sure and post all pertinent information including arrest records court dates and disposition. I wouldn’t want to miss anything. Before you waste your time searching let me assure you nothing of the sort has ever happened. On second thought---search away. Just be sure to post what you find out and be able to back it up with hard facts. I hear a lot of silence in your future.

Old fisherman.
Please go back as far as you like on my BLOG and find where I have ever used foul and vulgar language. It doesn’t happen on my BLOG. I have occasional allowed mild oaths if the overall comment has merit but I do not use, nor will I allow vulgarity on my site just for sake of intimidation. And you should know as well, the only name I have ever called Albero is “Albero”. If that offends the man than he should get his name changed through the proper channels.

Do you even know me? I doubt it, but if you do please clarify your comment based on personal knowledge in such a way that I will know whom you are. Your dependence on what you read on Albero’s site manifests your invalidity.

Anonymous 11:11
Who got rid of me? Surely I missed something there. I have never hated See & Gordy. Please provide some proof of that statement. I have know both of them for better than 30 years. In that time we may have had some difference of opinion but any of that was worked out in a civilized manner and the difference was never of the magnitude to affect our friendship. How am I in bed with them now? That statement implies I have something to gain by associating with them. What is it they can do for me? What am I trying to accomplish? Please elaborate, maybe you will set me on a course for untold wealth with them.

I invite any one to e-mail me and ask questions forthright. I will even meet you somewhere publicly and buy the coffee if you wish to talk face to face. I have nothing to hide.

Know this as well. Albero is using each of you. He knows just where to fall short in his posts of being slanderous, but he allows each of you to do so with anonymity. That says little for your fortitude and even less for what you perceive to be friendship with Albero.

And in closing I have one question for all of you, including Albero. The day the picture of me was taken was the day the bell was removed from Station 16 firehouse. I stood in the general area of where this photo was taken for nearly two hours and possibly longer. At one point Albero and I were but a few feet from each other as evidenced by a photo I took of the bell with Albero's face in the picture. That photo is posted on this BLOG. If this FUJA link on my BLOG was so offensive to him, why did he not have the courage to question me face to face right then and there?


Anonymous said...

JJ must be down on hits. If you notice, He brings up firemen, when he isn't number 1 ranked for the week. You're correct, he's playing everyone.

Anonymous said...

LOL!'ve hit the big time! 2/3 or quite possibly ALL of the comments so far are likely the GED Joe himself. I've always stuck to my observation that all of the Albero Servants are him or wifey. Those being: Watchfuleye, Old Fisherman, Totmother, Teacherlady and so on.

Blog on Cap. We all know the truth. Now as GED himself would say...ENJOY THE HITS! LOL!!!!! LOL!!!!

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Jeez, he is really scraping the bottom of the barrel on that one.

Soapbox said...

I see some of Albero's commenters have alluded to the fact I may be making $$ on FUJA. I do not own that site, had nothing to do with it's inception and I certainly realize no income from it.

The only connection I have to the site is the link posted on my link list.

Anonymous said...

you run a clean, decent site. I enjoy reading your postings and I agree with your thinking. Joe is a parasite in the fur of the Eastern Shore. We just haven't figured out what insectide to use to rid the shore of him yet!

Anonymous said...

Wow, slow Monday. :o)

Hadley said...


You made an unintentional pun.


A soap we could use to wash the insect off of the Shore.

Luckyduck said...

Well it doesnt matter who is profiting from the FUJA site, im purchasing a coffe mug!