Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Having a Bad Day

Ever have one of those days when you should have stayed in bed?

I was doing an errand for a friend of mine and out of nowhere, BANG!

No one was injured and damage was at a minimum. It's just a real inconvenience.

Such is life. It could have been a lot worse>
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Salisbury News & Views said...

Glad everyone was OK.
Who got Charged?
Was Jihad there taking pictures?
Did Mike show up?
Did you call for a fire truck?
Can you sue, huh huh?
This has to be the Mare's fault somehow.

Hadley said...

So tell us Soap, how did you get on the scene so fast? You using a FUJA scanner?

No fair staging your OWN wreck just so you can scoop the competition.

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Who hit who?

Soapbox said...

I was south bound in right lane
South bound left lane full of vehicles.

He was facing northbound in median.
He turned left between stopped vehicles. There I was, right on top of him. I hit him after he entered my travel lane.

Police did not charge anyone. Let insurance work it out.

Mare sent firetruck to other end of town and Albero chased it.

Green truck is mine---redneck 4X4 owned by a farman. Use it to drive like madman to photo far scenes. Yuk Yuk Yuk

TomCat said...

Oh admit it you're a fireman so you had to be speeding. Just kidding. Glad everyone's OK!

straight shooter said...

You are still driving a ghus guzzling SUV? You are single handedly driving our economy down. And who were you doing the errand for? Maybe you should sue them.

Dude said...

Capn', glad you're OK and the damage minimal. Stop being so modest my friend. You weren't out running a friendly errand, we all know you were out "spreading the love".

Run Around Sue said...

I would start by suing Maryland State Highway, since they designed the highway improperly allowing other cars to cross into your path.

Then i'd sue the property management company of the building to your right for not having a "watch for traffic while entering" sign.

... In all reality, accidents happen there for that same reason all the time.

Soapbox said...

"....we all know you were out "spreading the love".....

Darn----Busted again!

Honest Opinion said...

well i am glad that everything was alright soap!!!!!!