Monday, January 14, 2008

Wicomico Yacht Club Turkey Shoot

Another turkey shoot this past weekend at the Wicomico Yacht Club. Sorry the say neither the wife or myself were able to win prizes this time. Competition was pretty stiff too! Pictured below you'll see the targets we use there. It's a 4" X 4" piece of poster board and the idea is get at least one pellet closect to the little dot in the center.
The top picture is one of my targets. Would you believe that is a second place target? Look close and you will see 2 pellet holes on either side of the dot, however the dot is still intact. The shooter that won this round had completely punched out the dot on his target and only had nine pellets on the card! The number of pellets don't really count for anything but the more pellets you put on the card the better chances you have of winning, at least in theory.

It's mostly just luck! But we have a lot of fun and spend the day with people we whose company we enjoy. The good news is, I did get enough second place points to tie the leader for over all winner in March. We will just have to see how that goes.

Ahhhhh---- the agony of defeat.
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William (Bill) Carey said...

I could beat that.
Oh, shotguns, nevermind.
Want to do opensight rifle at 100yds sometime this spring? I think I could take you in that.

Soapbox said...

What caliber?

William (Bill) Carey said...

You pick the position.

Soapbox said...

Open sights---no peeps?

William (Bill) Carey said...

Peeps are fine; no scopes.

TomCat said...

Man you could win big at the carnival!

Soapbox said...

Thanks TC

What make and model rifle is your weapon of choice?

(man, I think I'm being set-up)

I don't have peeps, simple irons is all.

William (Bill) Carey said...

Anschutz Model 1808 with 6834 Match Sight Set.
Did you forget where I'm from? LOL

Hadley said...


Sounds like he has an Anschutz, and is waiting for a patsy like you to show up with an old H&R or Savage. LOL

Now for that turkey shoot target, looks like you were shooting a Perazzi, you need to look into getting a Krieghoff K-80.

Soapbox said...

I remember very well where you are from!

The best I can offer for competition is a Savage/anshultz 184 sporter. Lost the reat dovetail years ago and it is fitted w/ 4X scope now.

Popped many a squirrel, a couple rabbits and some whistle pigs with it but it's no match for your 1808

Now if you want to just bounce around a couple tin cans I might take you on, but cutting X's on paper is outta reach.

However, I have this nice little
.17M2 that is rather nice.

Soapbox said...


Yep! you called it right. No surprise though, I've known his daddy for 40+ years. Good stock with good taste.

Perazzi? Nope. Just a Browning Ultra w/ .70 invector+ tube.
I have a tru-lock .635 tube but the pattern runs wild with that.
Go figure.

K-80? I don't really shoot enough to warrant that kind of $$$. They are nice though.