Saturday, January 5, 2008

Albero is Wearing Thin

Albero just doesn’t get it. He keeps calling cigarette smokers stupid but he proudly puffs a cigar as if it were some badge of higher authority. Tobacco is tobacco regardles of form and it's use is an addiction. I am not sure where the $7.00 a pack is he speaks of since the highest I have seen is just a few cents over $5.00. I am sure Albero is smoking something better than a King Edward. He has even bragged in the past about the cost of the horse droppings he fires-up. Since a fine cigar will cost a minimum of $10.00, and often times much more, I do not see why he wishes to admonish cigarette smokers for the price they are paying per pack. The way I see it, $10.00 worth of cigarettes getts you 40 smokes. A $10 cigar gets you one. And he professes to be a money manager. Stupid is as stupid does.

None of it really matters to me, as I do not smoke. I will say however the one thing O’Malley and his legislative henchmen have accomplished is to increase the tobacco revenue in Delaware & Virginia. Not to worry though, look at the gasoline tax now in place and there is some talk of that being increased soon.

Earlier in his post about donations Albero continues to rag on the Salisbury Fire Department and the Mayor, and the Zoo, and the City in general.
He wails about the $800,000 fireboat that as of yet is only in the “thought about” stage for planning years from now. The Daily Times may be at fault for the $800,000 fireboat figure. The statement was made in an interview that a fireboat could cost up to that amount. That figure was tossed out as the high-end figure for comparison only and at no time was it said by anyone in the city that the city was seeking to purchase a boat of that magnitude.
Just as the new fire station had been planned for years, but because it comes to fruition on Chief See & Chief Gordy’s watch, it is automatically their fault. His haranguing of the cost there is tiresome. When the public is allowed to see what this facility has to offer the citizens the figures will not be so obtrusive.

Also in his berating of the city he brings up the cigarette tax, the cost of a barrel of oil, the new 6% sales tax and the State unemployment rate. Although he doesn’t say so in so many words the inference is there that all of this is the fault of the city and the Mayor.
WOW! Who would have ever thought?

A little in depth reporting would have discovered these facts, but I fear that type of reporting would have overflowed Albero’s shallow mind.


gowatercraft said...
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Anonymous said...

looks Like JJ's been posting here...llol

Soapbox said...
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gull92 said...

Just remember, Soapbox, Barrie Tilghman is the cause of everything wrong in the world! She probably had something to do with the levee break in Nevada - give Joe time to connect the dots!

And I write this as someone who is definitely NOT a fan of BPT! But, I know where to draw the line!!