Saturday, January 5, 2008

Albero's True Colors

This man is truely ill. He puts up a newsworthy post about a tragic accident and then allows the comment section to run wild with ill-stated comments about the Salisbury Career firefighters. Why can't he show some decency and"respect" for the two young lifes lost and their families?

You know what "respect" is don't you Albero? You sure drop that word enough, maybe you should start to practice it's meaning. Are you so desperate for attention you allow this back-biting to continue on an issue totally unrelated to this horrible accident?

You have the ability to deny the niggling comments and direct the focus of the tragic events to thoughts and prayers for the families.

Why don't you?


TomCat said...

He keeps up those comments because to him it's all about the numbers. He doesn't care about people or families. I just visited Wayne Barrell's site. I hope to God the family doesn't go there.

Honest Opinion said...

i dont understand how someone can stoop so low

Bunker Britches said...

Didn't you know? Respect is only a requirement if being aimed toward Mr. Albero. It is not a requirement for respect to be directed at others. Actually, it is to be denied others and only vitrol is to be cast forth.