Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This is a detail from a memorial @ Gettysburg. The entire monument depicts an actual event occuring on July 3rd, 1863.

Anyone care to offer the details?
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SBYlocal said...

General Armistead (CSA) is giving his watch to Capt Bingham (USA) his watch to return to his family. Very Good choice.

William Carey said...

That's the Brother to Brother monument showing Armistead giving a note for Hancock to Hancock's aide.
Good night.

Caughtit said...

they are trading MP3 Players :)

Richard Head said...

I believe it's actually the Friend to Friend monument. Both were Masons (you can see the symbol, compass & square)My memory is pretty shot. Help me out Soap. Am I close?

Soapbox said...

I won't say who sent it but an e-mailed comment suggested this might be Davis Ruark handing his keys to Mike Lewis.

Come on,------You know you smiled just just now :-)