Thursday, March 6, 2008

Albero Doesn't Visit the Soapbox--Again

Albero has left a comment on the "Double Whammy" post.
In true fashion he merely rambles on, offers another veiled threat, and refuses to answer any of the questions posed.

Well worth the chuckle. Enjoy!


straight shooter said...

Very humorous indeed! And yes, I'd day some feathers ARE being ruffled. LOL.

Bunker Britches said...

Poor Joe Albero........ boo hoo, boo hoo. Sooooo sad.
You know, he reminds me of inmates. If you don't agree with the warped logic, self-serving opinions, and half (orless) informed opinions the threat of being sued is the first thing with which he retaliates along with personal attacks. Gee I'd like to see all the letters he can put behind his name with all the fields he professes to be an expert in.

hi said...

It seems Joe Albero has nothing better to do then fabricate stories so he looks like he's a know it all. First off, If the driver was responding to an emergency call and he's with the Fire Department, yes he should be driving, how is it Albero's right to say other wise? opinions are always good but when you are completly full of S***... well Albero, you make yourself look so stupid. People go to his blog site and he may get hits but he's joke. Im new here on the shore and even before I moved here, people all over, that I met joked about him and told me what a joke he is as a person. I thought o myself, I'll check him out. I have read his bogs, and honestly he's a very sad indiivual with no backup for anything he says. He's like the kid in school who thinks he's so cool, will make up and fabricate stories so he comes off being the cool kid when really everyone else around are laughing at him.(that includes the citizens here and over the bridge.)When I think about it, he's a joke with the people, law enforcement and everyone else he bothers. It's pathetic how one man has noting better to do then get on everyone's nerves.I feel so sorry for him and his sad life. Let him keep talking and claiming he knows everything, it's actually kind of funny. Let him keep making himself looking like an ass. He may be getting hits, but people are laughing at him more and more. He's a joke, and I wouldn't trust him for anything, and I sure would never trust a word he says or writes. He's pure entertainment. Not one person I have met here cares a lick about him or his stories, All his blogs would make for a good fiction book.
And by the way, I was at the scene of that accident as an on looker actualy I heard the crash and was there before little Joe. I'm no expert, but Joe is full of sh**. He has no clue what he's talking about and it's so sad one man can be so stupid.

TomCat said...

Surely this blogged is doomed to fail without Joe's support! NOT!

Soapbox said...

Thanks for stopping by hi & thank you for the comment. I hope you also enjoy other features of my BLOG. Check the archieves for more subject matter and more "pro-Maryland" posting.

Inside Looking Out said...

I still have a problem believing that when a driver of a car, who has a stop sign on their roadway, that pulls across the path of an oncoming vehicle(no matter what speed they are going)is seen by Mr. Albero as being in the right.

So does this mean that if Mr. Albero is traveling, let's say north on Rt. 13 and a car comes from, say Foskey Lane up near Delmar, crosses into the path of Mr. Albero, then the driver of the other car is in the right and Mr. Albero should be charged with the accident???

To add to this, the driver of the other vehicle dies from injuries, does it mean that Mr. Albero should be charged with vehicular homicide and be sued???