Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Station 16 Today Part 2

Here you can two pieces of SFD equipment parked to the rear of Station 16. Currently there is no room inside the building(s) to house this equipment. A canopy was put in place a few years ago to offer some protection from the elements but that protection is at best limited. Even with this arrangement the storing of equipment takes on a bit of a challenge. If you will, take note of the curved yellow line on the concrete just behind the tire of the Haz-Mat truck. This line is the guide one must follow in the mirror of any equipment being backed into the basement for storage. For experienced drivers this may not be much of a challenge but I ask all of you, would want to have to do this every time you put a vehicle in a garage? Sometimes this has to be done several time a day.

In the second photo we can see the rescue boat in it's storage berth. At least two pieces of equipment need to be removed before this equipment can be removed from the building. Notice also the workbench and area around it. Depending on the task to be done it may be necessary to remove several pieces of equipment to use this area.

It seems that Albero has taken issue with the workout room in the new Station 16. I would like to introduce you to the current "spa" that is available to the staff. Way back in the corner of the basement tucked in between an ambulance, and antique hand drawn hose cart, an overcrowded storage room and wall lined with lockers is this lovely universal gym. I was standing in the doorway of the storage room to take this photo. Hardly enough room to effect a decent workout unless three pieces of equipment are moved as well as the antique. There's no heat in the basement area so a good sweaty workout in the winter is a real thrill, especially since the showers, such as they are, are on the third floor and that is in a shared restroom the administration offices use. A commenter on Albero's site asked about the YMCA. For the city to pay memberships there is not really cost productive. It would only take a couple of years for the membership cost to override the cost of the workout equipment being placed in the new station and since money seems to be the driving force behind Albero's complaints I would say the workout gym is a much better bargain in the long run. You would think Albero's self proclaimed business savvy would shine through on that issue.

And finally just for the record, I spoke to a member of the volunteer committee that is purchasing the TV's for the new station. Plasma TV's are not in the offering. Flat screens, yes--Plasmas no.
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Manyblessings46 said...

Good Job Joe, thank you!

TomCat said...

Please do not confuse the alberofans with facts.

Stupidity Stomper said...

Wow. Talk about tight quarters. Nice pics Joe P. Once again, you're spreading the truth. How dare you!??! LOL!