Monday, March 17, 2008

I've Been Un-BLOGGED

This past week I was notified by jcinsby that my link on WMDT had been removed from their site. (thats me in the tan jacket) I received this notification after Albero twice left comments informing me I had been BLOGed. I ask Albero to “man up” and explain what "BLOGed" meant or if he was unable to do that he should not return to post comments again. He has not returned. That speaks for itself.

I e-mailed Ms Kathleen McLain of WMDT and requested to know why my link had been removed. I was unaware of violating any terms of service and was not duly notified of the removal. I also asked her at that time to please look at my site and inform me of any infractions. Ms. McLain assured me she had not been notified of the action and it was not by her hand the link was removed. She also promised to look into it and return an answer as soon as possible.

On March the 15th Ms McLain was able to advise me the “IT Guy” for the station had been out on jury duty and had not been immediately available however he had been told by someone my site contained profanity and was not suitable as a link on WMDT. I think we all know this is a complete prevarication on someone’s part. Ms McLain then advised me that the Soapbox link would be returned forthwith.

In Ms McLain’s e-mail of March 11th she advised me that one of my readers had also contacted her about restoring my link. In the past week it has come to my attention several readers have done the same and for that I would like to publicly say Thank You for your support of my BLOG and Thank You as well for contacting WMDT over this matter. It is gratifying to know I have such loyal supporters.
UPDATE: When Ms. McLain notified me the link was to be restored I thanked her in an e-mail. I have neglected, until now, to thank her on this site. Allow me to do so.
Thank You Ms. McLain for your prompt attention to this matter and the profesional manner in which it was resolved.

I suppose now I am officially---UN-BLOGGED.


TomCat said...

Congratulations to you! Congratulations to Ms. McLain for having the good sense for correcting a mistake.

easternshorenative said...

Congrats Joe. I also would like to thank Ms. Mclain for doing the right thing. Your site is almost to clean ;). I'm glad I got an email and could help out a friend. Keep on blogging the truth. I find the history information you provide most enjoyable. Especially the fire department info. (My favorite). That's one of the first things I look at when I visit a fire service web page. I find it very interesting how each department got their start. Happy Blogging.

jcinsby said...

Congratulations! Glad you are back on the list where you belong.

straight shooter said...

Congrats good buddy!

Richard Head said...

Congrats Mr. P! This turn events is GOOD NEWS and leaves a certain nobody, BLOGGED. LOL!

o w grant said...

Congratulations, Soapbox!

I guess we all know now who's in charge of the blogs at WMDT, and it ain't a fat boy from Delmar.

Thank you, Ms. McLain.

gull92 said...

Congrats, Joe! Welcome back!

Hadley said...


Golly, I wonder who it was that told the IT Guy that you had profanity here on your blog??????????????????????????????

Do the multiple question marks bring anyone to mind?

Perhaps one who, as Historical Wit would say, perpetrates lingual attacks on orbs.

Bunker Britches said...

Gee Soap, I'm sure glad to see you are back on the list of WMDT Links. I know that the "higher ups" don't have time to listen to or check out everyone's request to be put on the list or removed from the list, but I would think that someone as supposedly intelligent as an IT guy would think to check out a site before just taking someone else’s opinion. I guess it isn't who you know... it's ... oops, no profanity...

Speaking of profanity, how can Sbynews pass the test?

At any rate, I'm glad that folks wrote to Ms. McLain in support of you and your Blog.

Bunker Britches said...

Better be careful, That looks like the photo that Albero posted of you cropped. He'll be threatening to sue you again.

Salisbury News & Views said...

Good going Soap. I wonder is Joe wants his hush money back from the IT guy? You know, the money he paid to have you Hushed?