Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Albero's Double Whammy

Albero has given us a double whammy this time with his expertise in accident investigation and in the legal liability concerning the tragic accident involving the Hebron VFD vehicle. This is not to mention the fact he now apparently has at least one other person in his employ as an expert.

joealbero said...
I had an Expert on the scene who reviewed the accident…..

WOW! Albero had the expert. I’ll bet the investigating agencies are breaking down his door to get the information he has obtained.

Albero, in his infinite wisdom and prowess has determined the driver of the FD vehicle is at fault and he did this well before the persons trained to investigate and analyze the situation did so. In his prodigious perception of legality and liability he would now have us to believe that Wicomico County and its taxpayers are to suffer the burden of financial responsibility for this accident.

According to Albero the Town of Hebron has denied responsibility for the accident. This was done for several reasons. First, the Town does not fund the fire dept. Second, the accident occurred beyond the town limits. Third, the accident occurred on a county or state road. Accordingly because of these circumstances Wicomico County will be named in the suit and “common sense” says so.

joealbero said...
It involved a Fire Rescue Vehicle. Someone is liable and if the Town denies liability, the County is next. It's common sense.

I ask you Albero, kindly explain how “common sense” dictates such an edict just because it is a fire rescue vehicle? Where is it written that the county is responsible for vehicles it does not own?
Should the county deny liability would common sense say the State is responsible next? Should the State deny responsibility would that require the U.S. Government to be responsible? Hmmm—where does it go from there?

Now I’m not going to even begin to place myself on the same level as Albero concerning legal issues in this case because I would find it very demeaning to lower myself that far.
However I do believe it is safe to say the Hebron Fire Dept. is a private corporation and in as much neither the Town of Hebron, the County of Wicomico (or it’s taxpayers), or the State of Maryland can be held responsible for this accident. Neither will I say the Hebron Fire Dept. or its corporation is liable or is at fault. That determination is not for me to make any more than it is for Albero and his sycophant commenters. I, unlike Albero, refuse to be the judge, jury and executioner in this case. I am quite content to allow the true experts and proficient investigators on the case present their evidence to the proper judicial forums, and allow justice to be served in true American fashion.

Regardless of the final findings I am confidant that an insurance company has been paid quite handsomely over the years so that this type of unfortunate incident is covered, once again relieving the taxpayer of liability.


joealbero said...

Thank You for all the attention. I need to get my hits up and I just knew, a few comments to some of the Idiots in the Fire Department and that would skyrocket things.

Since you'll never reach a day when you average 300 comments a day for moderation, perhaps then you'll realize that some comments get through. In the case of the Shanie comment, that's exactly what happened. However, unlike you Fire Fighters, they didn't use the "N" Word with such pride, right Joe Perdue?

As for the Davis Ruark Post you put up. That is NOT Davis Ruark in the video you're promoting and might I remind you, Davis Ruark is still the States Attorney in Wicomico County.

That being said, I have passed on your Website to Mr. Ruark, as well as exactly who you are and he found it quite interesting. Out of sight and out of mind, right Joey?

By all means, keep giving me all that attention Joe. I should get what, 10 more hits today? ROTFLMAO!

Oh, as for the Hebron accident, your boy is going down Joe! Try backing and supporting him all you want. He had no business driving that rescue vehicle and had no permission. The woman was NOT in his path, she was on her shoulder of the road when he struck her. You a$$holes will say and do anything to protect yourselves. I hope Hebron gets their asses sued off and I will be in Court the day of the trial LMAO! I will tell the Judge as a witness how the short fat guy stated he was the Fire Chief and lied just to get me away from taking pictures of what they knew they were guilty of and were trying to cover up. They're going down Joe Perdue, just like your buddy Wayne Barrall.

Now, let's get some more Joe Albero Posts going. You fall for it every time, you Idiot.

Hadley said...

Why Joe will sue God, if all of those other jurisdictions deny responsibility, after all, .."Someone is liable..."

Soapbox said...

My boy going down? I don't even know the man and if you read the post again you can see I have not taken a stand on the issue what so ever unlike you. I said it's best to let it play out in its proper forum.

So far as the Davis Ruark post---it's a parody, that’s all. No one even begins to believe it was really Ruark and no one, including Mr. Ruark cares. He has much more to worry about at this point than the blogs. Did you show Tom Cats site to him as well? No--because you don't know who he is and you can't call him by name in an attempt to intimidate, which by the Albero, you don't intimidate me in the least.

Truth be told you haven’t even talked to Davis Ruark concerning this and I doubt seriously you will testify in court about the Hebron accident. What has someone claiming to be a Chief and asking not to take pictures got to do with the investigation or the outcome of the case? You were there merely as an onlooker. The team investigating had their own cameras and took their own pictures I’m sure. Cameras are pretty standard equipment for these folks.

I let your comment go through despite the language and name calling. But it will not happen again. You wish to comment here feel free. Keep it clean, no name-calling or threats.

P.S. Have Mr. Ruark contact me if he is so distressed over the humor.

TomCat said...

Joe is such an idiot! Maybe he was upset for a fraction of a second when he thought he had missed something. It was a joke, pure and simple. I'll bet Joe even laughed. There are several anonymous comments saying it's not really Ruark--No Kidding! SFB

Clark W. Griswold said...

Does anyone besides Joe really care about how many hits a day you get? Everyone in my office lurks on his site for the laughs more than anything and I work in a large office and not one person here thinks Joe is nothing more than the village idiot and a huge disgrace to the area.

Historical Wit said...

I feel like a Jo Boy rip. Lets see where to begin? ahhh comments = hits = I am somebody. Is that what it boils down to Jo? You need to validate your existence by way of how many people visit your twisted sense of literary stew? You sir are a walking basket case. There is no other way to say that. I beg you to seek professional help. If not, please attend church. No not what you proclaim now, but really go to church to learn something or to connect with a power bigger than yourself. I know you don't think there is much that is bigger and better than you Jo, but there is. God, Mt. Rushmore, Frank Perdue, hell any elected official has done more than you. That included the mayor. Funny seeing you twist in your chair there Jo. But you know I am right, You know deep inside that dark hallow brain mass that you have that for all the bad that comes from our politicians, at least they are doing something for the public. YOU can't say that. The service you try to peddle is grounded in hate and petty, spiteful private vendettas. They intrest a handful of people. And thats only because its your opinions that make people discard you as a joke, no thats harsh, discard you as a petty spiteful individual with an ax to grind. Your views will always come off as a drunken frat boy who never grew up. You know that guy who laughs while hes trying to say something serious? No one likes that, even worse no one respects that. And ultimately that is your problem Jo, no one respects you. You are a bridge. Something for people to walk across to get what they want at the other side. and thats cool with you cause you will let anyone with some clout walk on your back to win preceived favors from them. Think about your relaitonship with Lewis, Ruark, RP, or anyone else you made bed with. So get mad and threaten people. Thats ALL you got. thin and pathetic attempts at bullying because you lack the intelligence to actaully engage your so called enemies with wit or words. You can't even argue a slam dunk of a debate. you end up throwing out some 4th grade response and then yell lawsuit. For those of us who have been watching your antics, your schtick has become like Chris Berman on espn..back, back, back...gone. You are so predictable. so pathetic. Well that was all in reference to your number of hits that you have to generate to keep that ego afloat. Want to know how I know you lie like a dog about your hits? If your site has the numbers you say it does, you would have the daily traffic of the daily kos. You are nowhere near it. Face it, you are a local blogger with local hits. The same loyal 40 to 50 and a bunch of us who laugh at you for the comedic value.

And you passed on this website to Mr. Ruark because you want to get Mr. Perdue in trouble? What are you ? A snitch? See this works you over twice. One, Mr. Ruark now thinks your a snitch and he thinks less of you now. Cause that is what you did. Stop asking dumb questins Jo. Just listen. And second, what is this to you? The fourth grade? I noticed that much of what you do is on par with the mentality of a fourth grader. I guess it is true that you don't really progress past the stage of schoool where you quit. Money or not, rich or not, you do have a serious fundamental flaw in determining what is morally and ethically correct.

THird, have you ever considered therapy for you narcissism? If left unchecked, you could end up completely wrapped up in yourself and leave those that depend on you (your wife, grandchild, immediate family) neglected. No insults there, just stating the fact your family will suffer if you are left to this blogging vendetta you feel only you can carry out against the city or whoever you feel deserves it. Does your family deserve to be the victims of neglect from the supposed father figure in the house because he can't sepatrate the reality of life from the online reality you created? That is what makes you pathetic. In the end the choices a man makes defines him. Alexander conquered the know world, Einstein changed our concepts of space and time, and Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Jo Albero? He slung mud, just like a fouth grader.

gull92 said...


Nice rant. Nothing much more can be said.

Richard Head said...

What happened to Joeboy NOT visiting the Pro-Maryland Blogs? I guess when he finally learns how to walk upright will be the day he finally stops paying us a visit.