Monday, March 24, 2008

Lexington St & S. Brookdale, Saturday Night

These photos were supplied by Pat Andrews of the Salisbury Fire Department. This house located near Lexington St & Brookdale Dr. burned this past Saturday night.

Often time the public sees the aftermath of a fire but seldom do they get to see what the firefighters see upon arrival of a scene. I do not have a lot of details on this fire other what I can see in these and other photos that Pat sent.

This was a small structure and it appears to me by & large is was one room well involved. With this much fire showing on arrival of the Engine I would imagine there is some extension of the fire into other areas of the structure as well. Not having a solid report on the events my best guess is an aggressive interior attack on the fire was made and knockdown occured fairly quickly. I would also guess an extensive mop-up was in order and all in all it made for a tiring night
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mcarbaugh said...

Joe this fire was in fact tryed to be put out by the homeowner for several minutes before 911 was called. Upon our entering the house, conditions went bad and very quick, as the entire house was consumed by fire in a few minutes after pat got these photos. A/C Tull & AAC/Scott seen this while we were inside and immediately "sounded the horns" for us to withdraw. A defensive attack was made to get the bulk knocked down and then crews mopped up from the interior. Just a reminder to everyone what fire can do and how quickly it can destory everything in its path.

Soapbox said...

Thank you Mr. Carbaugh
It just goes to show how diffent a little information can be from what the end product truely was. It was my intent to contact Pat to get more complete info but you have provided that very well.

Thanks again!

Chuck Norris said...

The Daily Times is reporting it was due to an overheated electrical outlet.

"SALISBURY — The Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office has ruled a fire on Brookdale Drive, which displaced three adults and two children, as accidental.

The fire, which caused $120,000 in property and $30,000 in content destruction, was a result of an overheated electrical outlet, according to a news statement from the Fire Marshal’s Office. The fire started in the family den. The owner, Tyrone Ennals, discovered the blaze.

Smoke detectors were present and working properly, said Deputy State Fire Marshal Howard Ewing."

Anonymous said...

Surely this small fire didn't require more than one engine did it? From what I have learned from the God of Fire, this would be an appropriate response.

Just Kidding Guys. AND GALS!

You folks do a wonderful job and as a citizen, I'm proud of the job you do. Keep it Safe!

Over and Out. (That's radio lingo Albero!)