Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Many Faces of Albero

Not long ago Albero wallowed in the accusations of racism in the SFD. He professed himself pure of such emotions and openly condemned anyone engaging is such practice. Possibly he can explain why he allowed the following comment to his post concerning the petition Jordan Reisman is circulating:

Anonymous said...
Don't you know, most of the public (no)work department are Shanies people. Hell, they would rather steal than work.

What makes this more interesting in that he devotes a later post to the comment sections on his BLOG. He adamantly claims less than 5 people sometimes create “hundreds” of comment using curse words, bashing him, or drawing his family into the fray. Truth be told he, by allowing anonymous comments, brings this misery on himself. At times his language is intolerable, he bashes everyone that disagrees with him, and no one more than he drags his family into the spotlight. Indeed he has no problem using family members of other BLOGers when he feels his ego needs a boost by his insulting mannerism.
He has no idea who the anonymous commenters are but by proclaiming that the sour opinions are created by less than 5 people he attempts to create the illusion of being an all knowing seer and to dispel the fact that he is not loved by the majority of the population.

With so many faces it must be difficult to purchase a decent fitting cap.


Richard Head said...

Not to mention the 67 sides of his mouth that he talks out of, not including his rectum which also spews ignorance.

(Editors Note: This post was NOT a big mistake)

Bunker Britches said...

Not to mention along with "With so many faces it must be difficult to purchase a decent fitting cap." how would he know which way to face the brim? LOLOLOL
Poor baby, don't you feel sooooooo sorry for him? Poor pitiful picked on Joe Albero.... soooooo sad...... boo hoo boo hoo.