Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Floor Cracks, Deception, & Adult Living

Before Albero gets a knot in his underoos and jerks a tear from his eyes let me state up front that the photos shown here are borrowed from his site. I promise to return them as soon as I finish this post.

That aside I am not going to comment on the cracked floor at the the new station. First of all I don't recall seeing them when I was there but then again I did not go into the building with the intention of finding fault. Secondly, I am relatively sure the situation has been addressed by those involved in the construction
of the building. I am even more sure Albero was not held privy to the problem before or since he has been made public the existence of said cracks.

What I do find of particular interest with Alberos post is that he has taken three pictures of the same crack and through the mis-use of his camera settings (remember the green pictures earlier this week) or through the clever use of a photo enhancement program he has semi-successfully portrayed this single crack to be a monumental problem throughout the building just by changing the coloration of the photos. It's three photos of the same crack from three different angles.
Clever move, and no doubt convincing to many of his minions. Albero in the past has bragged
about his honesty but it would appear to me that this borders very close to the line of leaving the truth behind.
Finally-I think if one where to check the fire stations nation wide one would find that unisex living in the station is the norm, even in the newest of facilities. These are not school children. Now I am not going to say that privacy is not an issue but as long as everyone understands the system and respects it I don't see a problem. I can assure you the situation in the new station is far better than it has been at the old one. It has been my experience to see more & more unisex facilities in many areas of the public these days. Several medical offices have a single restroom for male & female. It's merely a simple matter of locking the door behind you. If you had siblings while growing up you are more acutely aware of this as an adult. If that is not the case, it only takes one or two embarrassing moments to become well educated. How much more would complete separate ladies facilities cost Albero? Heaven knows you have complained enough about the final figures as it is.
And by the way--The remark about the kitchen being the only place in the building ladies are welcome was just a tad out of line. It insinuates you believe their place is in the kitchen only.


Stupidity Stomper said...

It's NO DOUBT the same crack. Now as far as him using a photo editing program, I'm not so sure about that one!

Chuck Norris said...

I think he changed the lighting option on his camera for each one.

Say one setting for fluorescent, one for incandescent, and one for natural light. That would give you 3 different colored pictures.

It would also explain why his other photos were green, the wrong lighting setting.

Salisbury News & Views said...

Just kidding.
Chuck, from reading your comment I would assume that you think he is actually smart enough to know how to adjust the camara!
I'm not so sure about that.

Soapbox said...

Giving the Devil his due the floors of the Heritage Center have been stained to a deep red and a blue as can be seen in W. Barrall's photos. These photos hoever do not do justice to the true colors. It appears to me that some adjustments were made to enhance the floor cracks and in the process it changed the hue in the flooring. Just my opinion.

Salisbury News & Views said...

Joe is an expert on photo editing.
Look at his pics of Jim Rapp, John Robinson and his great rendition of "Follow the Yellow Brick Road"

Stupidity Stomper said...

Any option that he changes is purely accidental and certainly not intentional? (note intentional question mark) I would like to offer Joey a big pat on the back for at least having enough sense to find the power button.