Friday, March 28, 2008

Another View of Station 16, Advice from Monoblogue

Straight Shooter has a Post up about his visit to Station 16 and the conditions found there. Read what was seen through another pair of eyes and again I extend an offer to visit for yourselves and take a look. I doubt seriously few of the readers to this BLOG have to work in the coditions found there.

Michael over @ "Monoblogue", , has offered som interesting advice for Albero. We can all hope he will heed said advice and share his wisdom elsewhere but I fear this may not happen. Michael's word count for the post was 750. I did not find it at all bombastic and diffuse and grandiloquent and loquacious and talkative or windy.

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Bunker Britches said...

Re: Advice for Albero
Rather tongue in cheek, but well written and no curse words. I loved it. Gee, I wonder if Albero will take it seriously?? You know with his ego and his mentality he may not see it as satire.