Sunday, September 30, 2007

Station 16

It seems that Albero also has all the answers to the disposition of the old firehouse. According to him it could be renovated at a minimal cost. I fear Albero does not know the building very well. The heating system in place now is obsolete. In no way would it be conducive to an office setting. A complete revamping of the system would be in order as well as a complete makeover of the interior. New interior walls ands insulation would be a must. Currently the only A/C in the building is window units. The basement has no heat whatsoever, unless you stand real close to the boiler which is located under the only stairway to the ground floor, which is directly below the only stairway to the second floor. That’s right. There is only one means of egress from the basement to the next floor. The bay door in the basement doesn’t count because if it is down and the power fails it cannot be opened from the inside. There is no secondary means of egress from the second floor should an emergency occur that blocks the main stairway. A secondary internal stairway or an external fire escape would be in order.

The current kitchen is in the basement. Near the bay door in the basement is a floor drain that spills directly to the river. On more than one occasion rats have been seen in the basement entering and exiting via this drain. The basement has often flooded during storm surge or an extremely high flood tide. Maybe this drain could be closed permanently, but I believe if that were feasible it would have been done long before now. Minimal cost to renovate? It has been looked into. The cost to renovate and maintain the building even as a fire station is prohibative. Heaven only knows what the cost would be for anything else.
I spent the better part of 30 years working in that building and over the years there were many attempts to improve the living conditions. Many solutions were put in place as stopgap measures to make the building last a little while longer. Now it has been deemed surplus. So be it, sell it or give it away. The fact is the City is going to dispose of it so there is no point beating this dead horse any longer, especially since the beating is only meant to discredit the city government as a whole.


wbarrall74 said...

I say it could be made into the world headquarters for "Fire in the Hole Photography"

Soapbox said...

Get ready to move in!
Maybe you base a couple hot dog carts there as well.


Correct Soap: Plus Don't forget that flooding in the basement when the tide is high and the street is full of water. The falling chunks of concrete. The rusting out rebar in the foundation, the engine room floor the is so cracked it drains into the basement. Oh it would be nice to redo that building but if anyone does get I hope they can afford to fix it right, But like the old movie house it will be to costly to rehab or convert into a public asset. Sell it to private funds or wreck it build a new building don't waste any public money unless you have lots of it.

Soapbox said...

Absolutely right olderschool. One only needs to walk around the exterior to see many problems exist. The main engine floor is cracked enough to let water seep through and that floor is nearly 12 inches thick. That can be verified in the basement at the manhole in the center of the ceiling. The second floor already has a dropped ceiling that creates a huge void space. The same would have to be done on the main flor to maintaina a heat and A/C enviroment that would be affordable. I cannot tell you how mant times the electrical system has been revamped and upgraded. The list goes on and on. That building has a lot of history and I would love to see it stand forever, but it is useless to the city. Any attempt to salvage it would only create additional waste of taxpayer money and merely delay the inevitable.

Thank you for your comments.

joealbero said...

Thank you for absolutely convincing me you're a complete Idiot. You have NO business sense and that's why you retired as a Fire Fighter and NOT a successful businessman. There are millions of people out there just like you who talk the talk but wouldn't know a thing about how to walk the walk. Oh, that's right, you HAD two businesses in the past. One paid no tax and the other only 4 1/2%. Yeah, you were a real success. LMAO! Get a life and leave the renovation business to those who actually have experience in it and know what we're talking about. I'm still ROTFLMAO over the heating system! Put in a new one, Idiot!

Soapbox said...

Just so you will know---I sold both business for a tidy profit. I have and still can walk the walk.