Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Golden Star Restaurant.

Usually on Saturday or Sunday morning the spouse and I go out for breakfast. A lot of the franchise places in town have good food but they also have what I refer to has “pre-set” menus which contain huge portions. Ordering off the menu or trying to reduce the amount of food ordered can actually result in paying more for less. The alternative is ordering the pre-set selection and leaving food to be wasted, or cleaning your plate and overeating. I have often encountered less than personal service at these places as well. One such well-known pancake establishment on the north end of town is one that I simply refuse to go to again because of poor service.

I find the little family owned less well known establishments offer better service, and better food that the franchises. One such place is “The Golden Star” on Rt. 50 between the Gordy Tiger Mart and Boundary St. The folks that own it are from Turkey. They have become nationalized citizens of the U.S. and certainly have a goal to please their customers. The food is cooked to order, the menu is quite large, and the wait staff is friendly. The only current drawback is they do allow smoking in the downstairs dining room. I will say however there is an air-handling device that works very well and unless they’re a lot of folks with cigarettes the air is quite tolerable. The upstairs is non-smoking for those who desire smoke free. Come February it won’t be an issue at all as the entire State of MD goes smoke free. The Golden Star also features an all day breakfast menu. We have been there for dinner once or twice and the food for that meal is equally good as the breakfast.

There is nothing gourmet or elite about it. It’s just a friendly down home atmosphere with great service. And the prices are reasonable.

Looking for a change of pace? Try The Golden Star.


o w grant said...

We've found the exact same thing at the Sage Restaurant. We go there often for breakfast, because we love the friendly staff, and The good food.

They are also a family owned business that hails from Turkey. The entire place is smoke free, which is a must for us.

They are located on S. Salisbury Blvd, beside the tire place, and accross from Vinny's Pizza.

Soapbox said...

Right you are O W. We have also dined at the Sage and find the food and atmoshere quite satisfactory.

Salisbury News & Views said...

Well you 2 have just sealed the fate of your favorite eateries!
Pictures of their dumpsters will start showing up on a certain blog site.

Bunker Britches said...

Soap and O.W. You two should get at least a free meal at both Golden Star and Sage for those endorcements LOL
I have to admit, I like both places for a good meal at reasonable prices.

orientxpress said...

Sage Diner is the best! Golden Star, not as much. It's closer to home for us, we've tried it a number of times but gave up. The smoking is a drawback, but the food is less good and we really like the personal service that goes with Sage. The wait staff knows us and the food is always good and reliable.