Sunday, September 30, 2007

Albero has the Answer! Again

Albero now claims to be the first Keno customer in the State of Maryland. That was how many years ago? It certainly brought peals of laughter to this household. This is just another boast that cannot be substantiated except by Albero’s say-so. Granted, I can no more prove he wasn’t the first anymore than he can prove he was. But the odds are in my favor on this one. Hilarious to say the least.

In this vein Albero now assures us that every Chinese restaurant, cleaners and carwash is cheating the State of Md. out of sales tax. No doubt this may happen on occasion but his statement is pretty broad if you ask me.

But as usual Albero has the solution. Maryland simply has to tie in to every single retail cash register in the state. NO PROBLEM! How many million are there?
I got it! Let the State provide registers to every retail business there is. They will have no choice in the matter. If not that—the business will have to purchase registers approved only by the state (more government control). This way the state can insure the registers will work on their system to deduct sales tax. Now—who’s going to pay for the hook-up to the State system? The retailer of course! This will only tack additional hidden cost to the merchandise we wish to purchase. The retailers must also use State approved receipt paper. Do you think the state is going to give that receipt paper away? Absolutely not. It will have to be purchased from the State and again the cost will be passed on to the consumer. What happens if a glitch causes the system to go down? Every store in the State is out of business for the time being. If they can’t ring up sales on a State mandated register with official state receipts, they will just have to shut down for the duration. I was in a local business not long ago when the proprietor was complaining about how much money he was losing because the Keno system was on the fritz. How much would he lose if a register system went awry as well? Many businesses have registers that keep a control on inventory. Not all places use the same system. Will the State provide registers to do that for each business?

What about the licensed businesses that can’t use a register or always have access to hook up to a central system? I’m talking about the craft dealers that travel all around to different shows. The vendors for sporting events that operates from trailers just outside the venue. These folks give handwritten receipts. Does that make them all dishonest? The cost to implement & maintain such a system just won't cut it. I personaly do not believe this is such a great issue. One word prevents a lot of this problem from occuring. That word is "audit"

Maybe Albero calls Annapolis everyday to insure the 5% he has paid is in the proper account. I’ll bet Comptroller Peter Franchot eagerly awaits Albero’s call. That is just about as nonsensical as Albero having us believe O’Malley rushes from his bed every morning to read the rabid ranting of someone that isn’t even a citizen of this State.

Chew on this Albero. I have been owner of two businesses in this State and with the first one I didn’t have a license and I didn’t pay any sales tax to the State. And it was perfectly legal. In the second business I only paid 4 ½ % to the State. That also was perfectly legal. I have a solution to your worries about shopping in Maryland. Don’t!
Stay in tax-free Delaware. I’m sure Governor Minner will appreciate the attention.


TomCat said...

Excellent points about the cash register situation--that much government control would be scary--what would be next?

Also, a car wash would be a service business the actual wash/wax, etc would be exempt from sales tax.

Richard Head said...

Hey Soap...don't forget, he also knows for a fact the O'Gov reads his blog everday! TOO FUNNY! The guy is a tool for sure.

Soapbox said...


so noted in the next to last paragraph.

Inside Looking Out said...

Well, it IS odd that he has all these recommendations for Maryland yet NEVER says a word about Delaware & after all, that IS where he lives!! I do realize that Delaware is sales tax free yet with the short comings of Delawares budget now, wouldn't you think he'd be strongly recommending to Gov. Minner about instituting a sales tax? Even if they went to a 2% or 3% sales tax rate, it'd beat Marylands rate and it would provide a sure income for Delaware. I'm sure that people living in Delaware would have no problem with a small % of sales tax, after all our shopping centers are LOADED with Delaware tagged cars all the time and here they're paying 5%!!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I found Joe's post SO absurd, I was at a loss for words to even begin to reply.He, and his thoughts are a joke.

joealbero said...

Here's the funniest part. You Idiots will pay the new tax increase without ANY ideas or a fight. That's why the smarter people live in Delaware while you Idiots act like little robots.

As for the Keno, the name of the business was "Chalk Talk" T/A Crofton Billiards. The other business I owned at the time that started a day later was "Happy Days Cafe" T/A R.E.P.G. Restaurant & Entertainment Planning Group. I was in fact the first Keno account in the State. Now you even have business names to follow it through, if you so choose.

ALL systems can be backed up, just like Keno. As long as the sale is entered into the system it will eventually do a Z-Out Report and the State can take their share of the funds daily.

Anyhow, it's an idea and one the State is reviewing because it's better than any other idea they've seen yet. SO THERE!

joealbero said...

I'll even add, I just received word the Maryland Senate is looking into my proposal. SO THERE!

What have YOU done for your State/Country lately?

Inside Looking Out said...

Smarter people???? They live in a state that has no sales tax, yet they shop and eat in Maryland, a state that taxes, according to you, everything. I'd love to know how that is being smarter?? Go to the outlet stores that line the Lewes/Rehobeth Beach area for miles on RT. 1 and i'm sure you'll find thousands of Maryland tagged vehicles, shopping and paying no tax on purchases. Just my view !!

Townie said...

joealbero said...
I'll even add, I just received word the Maryland Senate is looking into my proposal. SO THERE!

Wow, Joe with breaking news...the Maryland Senate has apparently entered into an emergency session, seeing as they aren't normally in session now.