Sunday, September 9, 2007

Softball & Shotguns

First of ---Congratulations to MSP, Powellville VFD, and Fruitland VFD for being # 1,2, & 3 in the Mike McMullen softball tournament this weekend. The true winner is the Mike McMullen scholarship fund and the super winners are the men and women who have the distinction of being awarded the opportunity of using this scholarship to learn the skills necessary to serve the citizens of our community. I personally salute all of the above as well as all the participants of the event. Without your dedication to the recognition of Mikes good name and honor, none of this would be possible. May the Good Lord bless each and every one of you. Thank you also to the other BLOGers that have kept this event to the forefront. Let’s do it again next year.

I’m sorry to say I did not attend any of the games today. Today my spouse and I decided to spend our time shooting sporting clays. Due to some serious family issues this summer, she and I have not spent the time we normally do at the range. This is a sport we truly enjoy together. Owens Station Sporting Clays near Greenwood, Delaware hosted a 50-target event today for the benefit of the “Ceadarfield Ruritan Club”. I have no idea where they hail from other than somewhere in Delaware. I know the Ruritan are a community organization so the money we spent on entry fees was for a good cause.

The good news is, I took 1st place in the second class Lewis system and garnered a crisp new $100.00 bill and a nice plaque for my efforts. My spouse missed any prize in the Lewis class but took first place in the concurrent ladies class. No cash prize but she received a nice plaque to remember the event. She also received a very nice gun case as a door prize at the end of the day. Our entry fees were $120.00 ($60.00 each) and the way I see it other than our ammunition and gasoline to there and back we basically shot for free.

Better than all that we met a very pleasant 16-year-old lad that is quite new to the shooting sports. His Mom who was able to tell us he had worked this entire summer to earn enough money to buy his own shotgun accompanied him. He was shooting a brand new Browning “Cynergy”, which is a very fine shotgun indeed. I might add he did very well with it also. It is good to see young adults have a responsible interest in the shooting sports. We certainly hope to have the opportunity to shoot with him again.

It has been a wonderful day!


Bunker Britches said...

Way to go Soap and spouse!!!
Glad to hear that you both enjoyed the day and won as well!!
BTW When do the Turkey Shoots start?

Hadley said...

What flavor smokepole do you use?
O/U or auto?

Soapbox said...

I currently use a Browning 525 O/U.
I also have a Browning Ultra.

The Missus currently uses a Beretta AL 391 auto loader. She also has a Browning 425.

All in .12 ga w/ 30" bar.

Fiochi ammo. 7 1/2 shot--1 oz load

Soapbox said...

B. Britches

Wicomico Yacht Club's first shoot is in November. Three more to follow in 2008.

I do not have a schedule yet for Ellendale Ruritan. They have one every month through the winter.

Ceadarfield Ruritan starts Sept. 30. They have one a month thru April.

The best shoot of the year will be Fairmount Vol. Fire Dept. in Somerset Co. They only have one and it is always the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It is a little pricy but they have fantastic prizes!

West Side VFD used to have one the same day at Daves Sport Shop in Wicomico Co., But since Daves is now out of business I don't know the status of that one. To be honest, we didn't care for that one because they allowd alcohol
to be consumed during the shoot and no one seemed to monitor the condition of the shooters. Alcohol
and gunpowder are a bad mix.

As soon as I get more info I will post times and schedules of all.

Hadley said...

Soap: did you get the mail I sent to dalpuppyxxxx@xxx ?

Soapbox said...

No I did not recieve any e-mail from you.

Soapbox said...