Thursday, September 13, 2007

Albero's Last Stand on Assateague Permits

Albero comments today from the post of September 5th.

Quote from Albero

"Spending $90.00 per sticker as a joke is simply out of the question for someone on a City salary.

No matter what is said, everyone knows what really was going on here. Sure, a select few might want to argue for the City's sake but we all know the reality here.

In the past, (before Blogs) there was only the Daily Times, (print wise) and they would never run a story like this and you know what, to this day they still haven't! It tells you why, (convincingly) everyone calls it the Tilghman Times.

They were snagged, the stickers are gone and no one will ever pull that kind of crap again. End of story."

You are absolutely right Albero. Ninety dollars for a practical joke is simply out of the question. That’s why I am convinced it was removed from another vehicle and placed on the city truck. Just as “inside looking out,” pointed out, if the stickers are one over another they all come off with ease. You need to look at some of the trucks that use the beach year after year. Many of the stickers are stacked several deep. The same is true with the annual stickers for license plates. After a while they get so thick you can easily peel off several years at a time.

So what if you are 45 years old. Is that a magic age that makes you more knowledgeable about these things than anyone else? Does this imply you are worldlier than the rest of us by virtue of your epochal humanoid accomplishment?

At what age would one reach an acme of luminosity? More importantly, at what age do you expect one would start to digress from the analytical process of reasoning and common sense? I only ask because I am somewhat older than you and I am intensely curious to know exactly when I fell from the realm of learning and application of non-convoluted reasoning, thereby being compelled to heed the irrational and multifarious opinionated rants of an oracle such as yourself.

Yes Albero—I am forced to agree with you. No one spent $90 on a practical joke.
The joke is on you for believing the city actually bought a permit for a truckload of sand for horseshoe pits, when in reality easier and more economical options exist. You yourself have accused the city of being cheap and looking for ways to conserve funds. Look at your recent post concerning the zoo and the advertisement for a zookeeper. Do you not chastise the city for offering a lower salary for the position and requiring lesser education that what was once mandated? (so you say—no proof is offered to the contrary) With all these supposedly cuts in position and salary, you would actually have us believe the city foolishly spent $90 on a beach permit when a trip to Wal-Mart for less than $25 could have accomplished the same thing? Maybe you should apply your great forensic investigative skill to this as you have done the accident involving the Hebron Fire Department Vehicle. Possibly then you will find a more logical adjudication to the matter.

Snagged? Pull the barbs out of your own pelt Albero. Even if a little piece of your atrocious accusation is true, what makes you think it is so newsworthy that the Daily Times would stop the presses in order to take the City to task over such an issue? Granted, the Times is far from Pulitzer proficient, but a simple practical joke in Smallsbury is not an event to alter the NYSE on any given day.

Yes, the stickers are gone. And the harmless fun will come to an end thanks to your inference of malfeasance with a photo that proves absolutely nothing. Would a Second Amendment sticker on a city vehicle prove a Salisbury City membership to the National Rifle Association?
Show us a financial report or receipt of some kind that proves beyond a doubt the city did indeed purchase this permit.

Do that and I will recant this entire dialog? Until then---This is the end of the story


Caughtit said...

Honestly, ithink they did the whole thing to "catch" Joe. AND IT WORKED!

Soapbox said...

That would not surprise me in the least. I’m just sorry it cost someone a reprimand. It was all harmless until Albero made a issue of it.

Hadley said...

It was worth it. He took the bait, hook, line sinker, and rod.

That reprimand will be shredded within 6 months, and until it is it will be a badge of honor.

joealbero said...

ROTFLMAO! So as I don't make this personal, one of you has to be the dumbest individuals I have ever come across. Now, if the two of you believe the above statements and or the Post, well, I guess I just made it personal.

Townie said...

The point that everyone is seeming to miss in all this, is why Joe was where he was to take that picture... That picture was taken from in front of the Mayors parking space. Now anyone that knows where the Mayor's parking space is would know that there is NO REASON whatsoever to be in front of it, other than stalking the Mayor. The rest of the parking spaces near it are for City employees, and even from those parking spaces, the only place to go is to the G.O.B. which would be behind you when you park there. I think maybe someone knew Joe was just being a little nosy about the Mayor's car, and decided to have him catch himself in the act. That ought to look real good for his court case too.


joealbero said...


ROTFLMAO!!!!!!! Now THAT was funny!

I'll give ALL of you a hint. Perhaps someone called me and informed me of the sticker on this vehicle? Perhaps the Mayor and others DON'T have the backing and support they believe they did?

Perhaps if you even look closer to those photos you'd see the people who drive those kind of vehicle standing there actually watching me take the shots?

Perhaps this person had been reported LONG ago and had the nerve to actually continue placing stickers on that vehicle year after year and someone was sick and tired of it?

You have to use your head a little more. Do you actually believe that I would go around looking at employees bumpers hoping I'd catch someone at this?

Oh well, thanks so mych for the laugh. It's been a long day already and this just made my day with laughter. Rather than getting personal I'll leave it at that.

Caughtit said...

hehehe Townie ^5

Salisbury News & Views said...

Geeez are we still debating the mysterious sticker caper.

Joe states,
"So as I don't make this personal, one of you has to be the dumbest individuals I have ever come across."

This is what happens immediately when he is debated. He starts calling people names because he can never be wrong or questioned.

This time however I figure he just couldn't understand all those big words you were using.
Joe, get out the Dick'shon'arie' and start parr'ooz'ing through it.

Townie said...

The great Jihaded one said:

Do you actually believe that I would go around looking at employees bumpers hoping I'd catch someone at this?

Nope. But I do believe you go to the Mayor's parking space every time you go near the G.O.B., because I've seen you doing it, to snoop around her car to see if you can dig up some dirt, even though that parking space is out of the way for anyone except the Mayor, or a city employee. You can claim perhaps this, and perhaps that, but we all know why you were there.