Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where's Bert?

For as long as I can remember Bert's stone stood behind the Salisbury Fire Headquarters, (Station 16) on Division St. I stopped by the Station today to take a few photos and I noticed a hole in the ground where Bert's memorial had been. I remember the insciption said Bert died on duty on October 31, 1931.
It seems Bert just wandered in the firehouse one day and pretty much made herself to home. She became the station mascot and from what I hear always seemed to know when an alarm was about to be struck. All the fellas help take care of her and she was a wonderful pet to all.
The story goes that Bert was fatally injured responding to an alarm. The Fireman buried her with honors behind the station and erected a stone to mark her legacy. I am told that where Bert's stone stood for so many years was not truly the location of the grave, as it had disappeared many years ago with renovations and improvements to the streets and property. The stone however was kept on site as a lasting memorial to this faithful friend of the fireman.
I'm going to look for Bert. Maybe tomorrow I'll find her.

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Bert is safe and sound. Much like the bell we weren't going to leave Bert behind. Bert has been moved to the new station. The head stone has not been placed yet