Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Bell Has Returned! Part II

Bill Parker III at the controls of the travel lift use to move the bell from the trailer to the display area. Often time a gentle touch on the controls was all that was needed to make adjustments in the movement of the bell especially when it came to setting the bracket precisely on the eight bolts set in concrete. I can tell you, Mr. Parker III did his job extremely well.
The bell is now in place. At a later date Mr. Parker Jr. is to return and set the automatic controls that will be used to sound the bell. Today Mr. Parker said he is not aware of how the bell is to be sounded. Should I get any additional information on that I shall update this post.Thanks! goes out to the Parker's and Mr. Malone and the McShane Bell Foundry for a job well done. I would also like to thank Mrs. Bill Parker Jr. for sharing information with me today.


Claude Slagenhop said...

Nice pictures.


I hope the bell does not think you are stalking it, or you will have a Peace Order on you. LOL

Bunker Britches said...

I hope there are plans in place and provisions for preserving this fine historical piece.

Soapbox said...

Where the bell stands is it's new home and since it is so accesable now maintenace will be much easier. As I understand it the finish will last for years to come.

Soapbox said...


Nah. Me and the bell are friends from way back. I have a couple stories about that bell I may share sometime.