Monday, April 28, 2008

SFD Move Day Part II

After the half mile march to the new station the and with the equipment now in place in their proper bays, Salisbury Firefighters took to formation on the front apron of the new fire house. Chief See spoke briefly once again and then along with the color bears proceeded to the three flag poles in front of the station near the recently refurbished bell. It was now our distinguished guest of honor came forward and with great dignity installed the colors to officially open the new station. Carlyle "Corky" Phillips, SFD oldest living member proudly hoisted the American Flag to the top of the Flagpole. Corky is a sixty year member of the SFD and a WWII Army veteran. Corky was on hand at the old Station and after witnessing the closing, was transported via the Chiefs vehicle to the new station. After wards Corky said this was quite an honor for him and he was pleased to be a part of this historic event in the history of the department.

After the American flag was raised, the Maryland colors and then the City banner were hoisted to their proper standards. Chief See then returned to the company and officially declared Station 16 open and operational. One additional presentation was then made from the public. Mr. Mark Thompson of the Salisbury Westside Revitalization Partnership welcomed Chief See and the SFD to the neighborhood and presented the Chief with a check in the amount of $5000 for the purchase of tools and equipment for the new station.

The company was then dismissed from formation and as a matter of tradition took the opportunity to "house" the engine. This practice is usually reserved for when a new piece of equipment is purchased and dedicated the company take part in pushing the apparatus into place in the building. Just a little twist on tradition here the company pushed and old engine into a new building. "Old Number 2" the departments 1916 American LaFrance was pushed into it's new home in the Heritage Center Museum located at the Station.

Operations from the new station are now in place. The administration, training and quartermaster should complete their moves within the next 45 days. A dedication for the new station is planned for June and as that event draws closer I will post information. T

Congratulations to the Salisbury Fire Department on it's new home. It has been long deserved and long overdue.


Bunker Britches said...

Adequate words escape me. Beautiful, touching, traditional, Proud, None seem to fit the occasion and even all together do not come close. Thanks for sharing. I wish I had been there. I am sure I would have shed a tear or two. I don't expect I would have been the only one.

Manyblessings46 said...

Thanks Joe, It was wonderful to see Doc take his rightful place. I know he was honored to be a part as he should be.