Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hometown Heros

I have been too busy to BLOG today so I am late getting this one up. Three members of the Salisbury Fire Department have been honnored by Firehouse Magazine, a national publication, for their actions on December 16th, 2007 on Washington St. in Salisbury.

Assistant Chief Jon David Black of station 16, Firefighter Steven Dickerson of station 16, and Firefighter John Demare of station 2 without the benifit of personal protective equipment or a hoseline and in disregard for their own personal safety did enter and remove three victims from the structure and initiated resusitation attempts until rescue and fire fighting units arrived on scene.

The recent issue of Firehouse Magazine was released today. More on this story can be found at:


halligan said...

Why to go guys. Its nice to see the troops getting the rewards that are due them. Three great firefighters!!!!!

gull92 said...

Many thanks to them and the rest of the SFD and all firefighters everywhere for risking their lives to protect us every day. May God continue to protect them and bless them and their families!

Plotter said...

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16-16 said...

The three individuals actually removed 1 victim. CPR was completed. A second attempt was made and high heat and smoke chased them out. The second victim was located and R16 made entry to remove. The third victim was found after the fire was knocked within feet of the second entry area.

Soapbox said...

Thanks 16-16. I was going to correct the post to reflect this info but you beat me to.

I stand corrected sir.