Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Bell is Operational

Today Mr. Bill Parker III and other technicians from the McShane Bell Foundry returned to Salisbury Fire Department and installed the wiring and controls for the bell that was recently installed at the new firehouse. This bell truly has a very mellow tone and it will be interesting to hear it toll at it's assigned time that as of yet has not been decided.
I think tolling on the hour would be nice and also for alarms in some sort of pattern. Hopefully it will be tolled at the grand opening so all present can hear it's beautiful sound.


Richard Head said...

It sure is a beauty. They did a wonderful job on the restoration. I can't wait to hear it!!!!!!

Bunker Britches said...

Let us know when the Grand Opening is. I would love to hear it toll.

TomCat said...

A piece of history restored so it can be enjoyed by future generations. Salisbury isn't all bad!

straight shooter said...

Unfortunate that SOME don't care about tradition.