Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Standpipe revisited

The date in the lower right hand corner of this photo is 1904. In this photo at the base of Lemon Hill is the F.A. Grier and Sons Foundry & Machining Co. In the background on Lemon Hill is The Standpipe. As stated in an earlier post Lemon Hill was chosen as the site for this water supply device because it was the highest point in the City. The area around the base of The Standpipe came to known as Fireman's Park.

The Grier foundry stood at what is now the Farmers and Planters Co. located at Mill St. and Rt. 50. on the North Prong of the Wicomico River. If I am not mistaken some of the buildings in this photo exist today but that is something I need to look into.
Notice the winding spiral stairway around the tower and the platform on the top. This was there so routine maintenance could be performed as needed. No doubt this were removed for safety reasons after the tower was no longer used for the city water system.
Thanks again to B. Records for the photo and information


Bunker Britches said...

Thanks so much for the historical posts on Salisbury. We may be a city with problems, but what city doesn't have problems? We need to remember our history with pride and pass it on to future generations in the form of photographs and as much of the history as we can maintain in the form of the building or construction itself. Thanks again. I learn much from your posts.

Soapbox said...
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Soapbox said...


Much thanks must also go to Bryan Records. He provides me with tons of information as well as some other folks too.

Thank you for your comments as I do enjoy the items I post.