Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Better Man?

I see Albero has asked Wayne Barrall if he can use one of Wayne's photos of the Bonanza restaurant fire that occurred this morning. Wayne obliged and Albero indeed gave credit to Wayne for the pic. Of course this is all in Albero's quest for turning over a new leaf and mending bridges long since burned. I wonder just how sincere this is on Albero's part and what is really at the root of all this. He has a well established track record of attempting to ruin people and has indeed alienated himself from people who have tried to be his friend. Other than Wayne Barrall I have seen nothing to indicate any attempts to rectify his differences with any one else he has defamed, and kissing a cardboard cut out of the Mayor surely was just another slur towards her.

I know for a fact he plenty of time to make nice to several fire fighters this last week-end.
It didn't happen.

A comment on anothe BLOG--"If it looks like a skunk, and it smells like a skunk, it dosen't matter how it hides it's stripe. It's still a skunk."


Ralph said...

Well said. The odor still lingers.

TomCat said...

Joe's setting Wayne up for the big one!

Clark W. Griswold said...

I think it's the calm before the storm.

Live from Wally World

Richard Head said...

As Dave Edmunds plays on in the background...

I hear you knockin....but you can't come in!

I hear you knockin....go back where you been!