Sunday, September 27, 2009


About 10 miles north of Lancaster Pennsylvania on Rt. 501 is the small, sleepy town of Litiz. Just a dot on the map Litiz is an old town with some interesting architecture. There is really nothing electrifying about the town and if you just happen to pass through there is little to catch your attention, except of course the large brick factory on the left just past the railroad tracks in the center of town. Emblazoned across the front of this building are the words, “Wilber Chocolate Co.”

CHOCOLATE! Certainly got my attention! Across the street is a parking lot that is shared by several small businesses but there is usually a space or two to be found. The gift shop/museum is open to the public and I believe the opening time is 10:00 am. There is no factory tour per say but the gift shop and museum offers many displays on the history of chocolate and the Wilber Chocolate Co. Antique candy molds are everywhere and there is a huge display of oriental porcelain chocolate jars. Behind a glass partition you can watch chocolate artisans work their magic making confections for the gift shop and the special orders placed for birthday, anniversaries, graduations and other special events.
Of course the gift shop is abundant with Wilber products including cocoa, candy bars, and my favorite— dark chocolate “Wilber Buds”, tasty little morsels without the foil wrapper to contend with. Buds also come in milk chocolate but I prefer the dark.
There is no amusement park next door or pseudo ride through the factory and your entire visit to the museum and gift shop can be accomplished is an hour or so. But that’s plenty of time to stock up on chocolate and have an enjoyable morning or afternoon. Not so far out of the way from Lancaster if you are in the area and it surely will make you want to return just like I have done many times.

Click on "CHOCOLATE" in the title of this post to be taken to the Wilber Chocolate Co. site for more information, some history of the Company and to order Wilber products. Enjoy!

Left: Chocolate Castle created by the on site artisans.



Anonymous said...

Any update on Jimmy Gladwell and family? I know he's on family medical leave and I'd hate to be meddling in his personal affairs, but I am concerned and hoping things are looking like they're gong to work out.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe! I've been to both great places in Pennsylvania you have written about. The Apple Festival in Biglerville is coming up soon if you want to take a drive back. There is nothing like seeing the change of colors, or buying a basket of apples fresh off the trees. I MUST get back soon myself.


Soapbox said...

Thanks Karen!

Biglerville is just 7-8 miles North of Gettysburg on Rt. 34. The apple festival this year is October 3-4 & 10-11 and runs from
8am till 6pm each day.

I had never heard of this festival before but it certainly sound interesting. I may look into going the second weekend as I am committed to another event on the

Soapbox said...

Anon 3:44

Contact me via e-mail please.