Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Remembering Our Boys" 1st Annual Memorial Poker Run

The Knights of St. Florian Motorcycle Club and the Mardela Springs Vol. Fire department will be holding a memorial poker run on September 19th, 2009. All proceeds will support the Wicomico War Memorial Wall in the name of Walter F. "Trae" Cohee III & The Michael J. McMullen Emergency Services Medical Memorial Fund at Wor-Wic College.
Registration for this event begins at 10:00 a.m. at the Mardela Springs Volunteer Fire House.
Please click on the poster to the right for more information about this event and to read a brief biography of these two brave soldiers that gave the supreme sacrifice for our country.


Anonymous said...

I hope that I'm able to participate by then Cap, but everyone w/ a bike or even an interest in bikes/trikes should come out and support this worthwhile cause!
Remember, it's because of brave, young men like these two who gave their lives for their country that the rest of us are able to have the freedom of the road beneath us.

Come out and support both the local FD and the club. The funds are gonna be spent on local young men and women from our own area! And, it should be a great time w/ a good band and chow provided by the Mardela VFD.

On a different note, we head to Annapolis tomorrow to get the lil one checked out. Just FYI...


Soapbox said...

Thanks Chief for the additional info. I'm sure you will be good to go by then.

We will certainly be thinking of you and the family tomorrow. Please keep us informed.

Anonymous said...

The event was a wonderful success Cap! We had approximately 60 bikes complete the ride and a number of folks who stopped by and played a hand or two but didnt actually ride just to support the causes.
We were able to raise approx. $3000.00 in order to donate $1500.00 to the Memorial Wall at the Civic Center for Trae as well as an additional $1500.00 for the Mike McMullen Paramedic Scholarship Fund at WorWic College.
Not bad for a first time event that was competing against all the Bike Week events...

Unfortunately, Lauren and I were still physically unable to participate in the ride, but all the rest of the Knights of St. Florian should be extremely proud of what they did to organize this event and make it the success it was!!!

Great Job guys/gals!!

FYI...No change to lil man. Bladder was bigger, but so was he...kind of a "proportional" thing. We go again tomorrow, as we will every week for the rest of her pregnancy to see how he's making out. We should soon be at a point where they can do the shunt procedure if necessary although they certainly arent in any hurry to do it just yet. They want to wait as long as they can for safety sake.

Will keep you updated...thanks!


Anonymous said...

It is great to see you doing this. I was a friend of Trae's and glad people are remembering him well. Thanks to you all!