Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pennsylvania Rail Road Museum

A couple of weeks ago I had a post up about the Strasburg Rail Road just outside Strasburg Pennsylvania. In that post I spoke of the Pennsylvania Rail Road museum located across the street from the SRR and mentioned the fact this is a huge building and display. This museum easily make an afternoon of entertainment and possibly an entire day can be spent here. Since my last visit several years ago the museum has grown tremendously and my planning for this visit was lacking in time and so a return visit is in the works. There is a second floor with some artist displays and a catwalk that goes over the entire display floor below. Because the building is so big I found it difficult to do justice to the display floor through my camera but you can get a rough idea of the enormity of it all with the two photos on the right.
The number of engines in this building is staggering and the beautiful restoration wok is really breathtaking. If you have ever appreciated the time and effort of restoring an old automobile you can only imagine the amount of work that had to go into one of these works of art. Everything from steam driven locomotive to diesel-electrics has been returned to the shining glory of their age. Easily, the work performed here is a passion for those involved. There is also an out side display area where many locomotives and cars sit on track waiting for restoration work to begin and also on display are more restored cars for you to see.
There is so much more to the museum as well. There are all kinds of programs and special events held there and all this information can be found by visiting the museum website which you do by Clicking on the title of this post. To see some other example of their fine work, visit the site and click on the “Rail Road Equipment” button and then the “Restoration Achievements” button for a brief slide show of some of the restored cars and engines at the museum. Admission to the museum is $10.00 per person, $9.00 for seniors, ages 3-11 is $8.00, and under 2 is free. Group rates are available on request. The Pennsylvania Rail Road Museum offers a whole lot of history and some great Americana artifacts for your enjoyment. Inexpensive and well worth the trip!

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