Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's Cold Out There!

Today while doing a few errands before the football games I happened to go by the fountain in Salisbury City Park and saw it had pretty much turned into a huge piece of ice. With temps in the single digits and teens for several day this is not an unusual sight but it is always fascinating to see. I went over and took a few photos and while there I stepped around to the side away from Main St. to look at the memorial place there in 2000 for Wilmer "Will" Elliott who was the director of Salisbury Public Works from 19195 to October 1999. I only had a couple of

opportunities to speak to Mr. Elliott while he employed with the city but I can assure you he was a man of his word and he was all for the people that worked not only for him at Public Works and every City employee.

Many of you may remember Will perished in a terrible plane crash on October 31, 1999 along with former Chief of Police Coulborne Dykes and the pilot of the small plane. Will and Coulborne were great friends and were on a hunting trip when the accident occurred.

The memorial was presented to the City by the members of Public Works as a lasting tribute to a man respected and adored by all who knew him.

R.I.P. Mr Elliott. You are certainly missed.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't there another gentleman killed in that plane crash who was from Salisbury? Believe his name was Tom Pryor.

Anonymous said...

Never met Mr. Will Elliott,but have met his son who is a Detective with SPD. The younger Elliott is a fair and honerable man. I am sure Mr. Will Elliott would be very proud of his son.

Anonymous said...

There was a another gentleman who was with Wil & Mr. Dykes. His name was Tommy Pryor. Tommy & Wil were also cousins.
I know Wil would be very proud of his son. We were also very proud of Wil.

Soapbox said...

anon 9:58

Thank you for that info. I really didn't remember and I have not tlaked to anyone that knew for sure. I appreciate the update.