Sunday, January 4, 2009

Afghanistan Terror Attack

As many of you may know I have a very dear friend deployed now in Afghanistan. He writes to us often and sends an occasional photo from that part of the world where he is listed as a "Combat Advisor" working and living with the Afghan National Police.

Recently he sent this video and asked that I put it on this blog for people to see what they are really fighting for over there. The message was in two parts and per his request his name and rank are withheld. In part he had to say this:

"At a location I visited just last week a fanatic detonated a vehicle improvised explosive device (VIED) taking the lives of 14 children coming home from school. These were not the only deaths yet the Innocent in this war. This is why I stay vigilant everyday and go to work and help the people of Afghanistan."

I asked him who the bad guys were and he replied:

The Haqqanim Militants were the alleged culprits in this incident. The investigation is on going. There are many other factions fighting here from foreign fighters, Taliban, Al-qaeda and the overall intent is to show discredit to the government and for the government to stay more tribal and allow old powers to take back over. The majority of the people here like the U.S. presence. The small majority use these tactics terrorism at its best to instill fear into the populace.

I must warn you the video here is a bit graphic as it captured the incident he described above. I put it up for you to see because he asked to to do this in order to show what is happening there for mere political reasons.

Please keep my friend and his family, as well as all of the troops and their families in your prayers as they work for peace and the elimination of these terrible terrorist attacks.


Two Sentz said...

That's terrible.

Anonymous said...

The Taliban and Al-Qaida are in power again in Afghanistan. I have said all along that we should have never left there until we had Osama's head on a stick. Iraq could have waited.

I have a feeling that Obama is going to be the president when this happens and hs made it clear he is for escalation in Afghanistan and where ever else it take to bring him to justice.

I already expect to be ragged on for even thinking such, however even a blind squirel can find an acorn. No pun intended.

My prayers are with you and the family, my nephew made it home safe and sound, wishing the same for you.