Saturday, January 8, 2011

Recycling Differences

Over on the Delmar Dustpan, Howard has a post up concerning recycling  Delaware.  It seems that the Court of Chancery has taken the stand that mandatory recycling laws are constitutional and the door is open to expand curbside recycling.  I get the impression that Howard feels  this is more of a hindrance and an intrusion on his lifestyle.  In the comment section of this post Uncle Paul from "What a smell" blog agrees with Howard and says  numerous studies have shown the practice to be a waste of time and money.  I respectfully disagree.  One site that offers many facts and figures to the benefit of recycling can be found here. Near the bottom of the page you will find even more links to fact and figures.

Honestly I have recycled for several years.  It takes a little getting used to but once you have a system in place it's easy.  Bear in mind also that I do not have curbside pick-up and all my recycling is done with me going farther than the street.  I have containers for each recyclable and when they are full I take them to the recycle bins located at various places in the county.  Seldom do I make a trip for recycling.  I wait until I have another errand to run or appointment to make and either before or after the required task I take the few minutes needed to make a side trip to the recycle bins. It takes very little effort.  I also take my own trash to the landfill or transfer station.  A benefit of recycling is that the number of trips to take off trash is far less then what it used to be.  The recycle bins are considerably closer to home than the transfer station and since I am usually on a required errand anyway there is no inconvenience to bear.

So--come on Howard and Uncle Paul!  Curbside recycling and pick-up can be even easier than what I do.  Help us green freaks out a little will ya?  It's the only planet we have


Howard said...

Actually I do a certain measure of recycling, my objection to it is now it is manatory. One more government program has been created in Delaware that will cost me. One more person telling me what to do in my life

Soapbox said...

I can see your point there Howard.
Thank you for stopping by and clarifing your position

Skip Hire Billingham said...

I agree that recycling is great but begrudge having to pay for service.