Friday, September 10, 2010

Sticky Lips BBQ

I know my BLOG is supposed to be about "For people and issues in and around Salisbury" but I just had to put this on on the board.  My son's in-laws invited us to visit them over Labor Day Weekend in Rochester N.Y.  So far as the the central and western part of the New York goes they are about as far North as you can get.  The truth of the matter is if you walk in a northerly direction from their back door for more than 50-60 feet your gonna get your shoes wet in Lake Ontario and I'm told on a good night with the weather just right you can see the lights of Toronto on the horizon across the water.  It is an absolutely beautiful view.

Back to the subject at hand----BBQ.  Now to me I have always been pretty indifferent to BBQ.  There is good BBQ and then there is good BBQ.  Regardless of who makes it or what style it may be there has never been a BBQ I didn't like and for the most the part so far as I was concerned BBQ is BBQ.  All that changed on Sunday, September 5th, 2010.  For you see that was the evening Mr. & Mrs. G. Eisan of Ontario N.Y. introduced me to "Sticky Lips Pit BBQ" in Rochester N.Y.  Believe me, you have never tasted anything like the food this place serves up.  I was in heaven!  I had the brisket and pork ribs and you have to believe me it was perfection!  Others in our party had beef ribs and chicken and they too sang praises to the flavor.  Even the appetizer--deep fried dill pickles--were to die for. YES--I said deep fried dill pickles!   Honestly, they were great! 

It's a good 8-10 hour drive to get there so it certainly wont be a regular visit for us but if you ever find yourself in Rochester N.Y. and want a great place to eat I strongly recommend Sticky Lips Pit BBQ.  It's very informal there so dress is not an issue.  We had a short wait for a table but then again we were a party of 11 and that takes a little time to set up but I was not at all displeased with the wait.  Want to know more about the them?  Click on the title of this post to be taken to their website for a history of the establishment, great photos, and a copy of the extensive menu they offer.

You can bet it's on my "must do" list when I get back there again!

And one one more thing!  Thanks to the Eisan family for introducing us to Sticky Lips and the phenomenal weekend in Rochester!


Anonymous said...

I have to visit relatives in RaChaCha once or twice a year--we usually stop at Skeeter's BBQ in Shamokin Dam--on top of the hill where 15 and 11 split. We'll have to try a twin bill next time--Skeeter's for lunch, Sticky Lips for dinner!

Joe H.
Stevensville, MD

Soapbox said...

You are in for a treat Mr. Joe!