Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Prayers Please!

Back on August 16th I put up a post about my good friend Jimmy Gladwell and his family being involved in a terrible accident while on their way to Gettysburg. Jim's wife is pregnant and of course a great deal of concern was for the baby. I am not sure if the current situation is a direct result of the accident but there has been some bad news concerning the pregnancy.

During some test it was determined that the unborn child is a son. These tests also reveled a life threatening situation which must be addressed soon. The procedure is dangerous and quite frankly for Jim and beautiful wife it is extremely frightening.

Jim and I have been friends for quite a while and he and I have have had many discussions about our supreme being. About that that let's just say Jim has some unanswered questions. None the less he has asked that my family, and many other friends say a prayer for his son, wife and himself. With that I extend to you my readers the same request. Jimmy has been a firefighter for a great many years and I have personally witnessed his courage and compassion for the citizens he serves. Now it is time for us to help him in the manner he asks. He asks for prayers.

I extend to you, my readers, a request to please remember Jim and his wife and son in all your prayers until this crisis is over. Please do this for me and my friend Jim and his family.

I will keep this post updated as information becomes available. Thank you in advance from myself and the Gladwell family.

UPDATE: 8/28

On Wend. Sept 2 Jim and his family will travel to University Hospital for testing and possibly a procedure to ease the situation. The test results will determine the next steps to be taken. Jim has now assured me this is not a result of the terrible accident they were in a couple of weeks ago. However because of the accident this problem was discovered sooner than it may have been otherwise. Kindly continue your prayers and thoughts for the Gladwells through this difficult time.


BlackCoud said...


All I can say is I am praying things work out for you and your wife my friend. There is nothing more than that I can say, you have always been there for anything I needed and I know where your heart is. I will pray for you everyday my friend.


SalisburyGrinch said...

He has many friends and we will help take care of all his needs