Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Maryland Renasaince Faire Begins August 29th

Don't forget! The Maryland Renaissance Faire opens in Crownsville Md. on Saturday, August 29th. The Faire will run o weekends until October 25th. This is a great attraction and lots of fun for the entire family.
Just remember a few tips:
Go early! The Faire fills quickly and little wait outside the gate is worth it.
Wear comfortable shoes. With the exception of a few boardwalks it's all natural ground there.
Take a backpack or fannie back with hand/face wipes. The restrooms are port-a-potties and there is no running water for washing before eating. Bottles water may be a good idea for the packs as well.
Take a camera! There is a lot you will want to remember.
Costumes are allowed and encouraged, but NO WEAPONS, real or fake, are allowed at this Faire.
Plan the day. You can't see it all so take a few minutes to look at the schedule and decide what you want to see. Get to the arenas and stages early for the best seats.
Have Fun! Also, plan a return trip to see what you missed the first time.
For more info, click on the title of this post. It will take you to the Faires home page and there is a discount coupon for opening week-end admission.
I went to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire opening on August 8th this year and had a great time. I will have more posts and pictures of this later this week.

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