Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Only 2 Days Left!

October 18th & 19th will wind up this years presentation of the Maryland Renaissance Festival in Crownsville Md. Admission too the Faire is $18.00 for adults and believe me it is worth it. However if you go----GO EARLY! The Faire opens at 10:00 am and even if you have to wait outside the gates for forty-five minutes to an hour it will be worth the better parking and the smaller morning crowd, at least that's how it was this past Sunday.

The Faire opens from the parapet of the Shire wall with the Mayor and other dignitaries welcoming all who come to visit. Just prior to the gates opening the King and Queen arrive on horseback with great fanfare. After the Royalty make their way through the gates a cannon sounds and the public pours through the gates as the merriment begins.

Just inside the gates greeting the rabble as they arrive we encountered Robin Hood. With a great smile and a hearty "Welcome Sire and m'Lady" he bade us to have great day. Robin is but one of the many street performers to be met at the Faire and each is as cordial as can be. Many of them can be seen throughout the day participating in demonstrations of various skills. Robin for instance is a master of the longbow. Throughout the Shire balladeers, minstrels, magicians and others perform while roaming the streets providing a constant entertaining atmosphere.

This year there were a total of 47 separate stage acts for the entire season. Not all the acts are available every weekend but with 7 stages, the jousting arena, and a scheduled act in one of the five taverns there is little room for idle time and the variety of acts abound. Shown here the "Pyrates Royale" perform in the Globe theater. Great harmony and humor blended to perfection for family entertainment.

Probably the main attraction of the day is the joust. There 4 held each day and it is wise to get to the arena early to snag a seat. The knights engage is several competitions and mock fights prior to main event and shown off their skill as horsemen and entertainers. The actual joust itself gets to be serious business for these guys and points are awarded for each strike made by the lance. This is a real competition and is not choreographed.

There are over a hundred artisans and craftsmen though out the Shire giving demonstrations and selling wares as seen at this glassblowing shoppe. Notice the crowd is at standing room only as all the benches have been taken up for this demo.

There is so much more to see and do as well but it would be impossible to list it all here. If you can't make this year plan on going in 2009 for a great family outing. Food and beverages are aplenty and even though there was a line where we ate, it moved quickly and we were not delayed with the wait.

If you go---GO EARLY. Wear comfortable shoes because the shire is a bit hilly in places and walking is the only mode of transportation. Thee is plenty to see and do. Take a few minutes to review the program (they're free at the gate) and plan your day. You can't see it all in one visit and I'm sure a return trip will be in your future.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Joe this is totally off subject but, I heard that the Delmar VFW was having a benifit dinner on Sunday in the Memory of Kyle Dixon (Rev Dixon's grandson) Do you have any info? Thanks

Anonymous said...

I had never heard of the festival until you wrote about it here several months ago. My wife and I went and had a great time, planning to go again next year.
Thanks for giving the information about it.

Soapbox said...

Anon 9:03

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am certainly glad you enjoyed your visit to the Faire and no doubt you next trip will just as enjoyable.